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23.  Anyone know the story?

22.  If you put Clif’s foreseeing events

… with Svali’s report from inside, plus Neil Oliver, plus this below from Ann B … then that’s a pretty effective perspective.

“Nice” can be an effective strategy for some time, as Roosevelt the Ted pointed out but always iron fist in velvet glove … never a wobbly jelly, a blancmange.

Being “nice” is what this course I’m on is all about … only positivity, only niceness allowed, no calling anything out. Goodbye to the West.

“Niceness” is no virtue, nor is “tolerance”, because the very nature of the word is that something is not right, so it’s “tolerated” in order to keep the peace.

That is no reason to knowingly do wrong and therein lies dilemma. How important is it to be popular and adored, rather than admired and respected for placing yourself at risk on behalf of others?

Or put another way … what would you prefer your legacy to be?  Is your legacy of more value to you than your safety?

More food for thought.

21.  Late roundup

20.  Clif and the other guy (h/t Digger)

Far from detracting from what was said in the video, methinks they have it pretty right … 90% of the way … but at the 90th point or alternatively at the 11th hour, they turn away from the bleedin’ obvious … they insist on calling it all sorts of things except what it is … a sequence of events, not necessarily linear, which are going to occur and a different sequence of events which are simply not going to get in the way of that.

So they don’t. 

No disagreement, Clif and us yet. He mentions the enormous effort that went into pushing Hillary into power and some things which stymied it. I’m adding … because the universal sequence had to stymie it … the set of preconditions had not all been met in order for that one to occur.

I address it in my long book:

Nikki opened. ‘Why can’t you help those people still on earth – just because they don’t believe, they must die?’

‘Inside both of you is … let me find a word you would understand in human terms … let’s call it a code, an embedded code -’

‘Who embedded it?’

‘Who wrote your DNA? This code alerts us, enables us to assist you, keeps you alive, even now. Without that code, we have no communication channel and we have no mechanism by which we can send aid your way.’

‘You could stop all that below if you wished,’ cried Nikki, her anger rekindled.

‘Again and again, Nicolette, we offered to deliver each and every last person from it but each refused our help. The two of you did not refuse it, therefore here you are.’

A bit further on:

Hugh asked, ‘What about someone good – say a Buddhist holy man who’s paid homage every day? Does he die too?’

‘He has more chance than most because his mind is already open to possibilities – he is given his chance. The world cannot end until all have had their chances – all.’

‘Can those down there change their minds?’

‘Of course – at any time and then they join us here or on one of the other orbs.’

‘And what must they believe in order to get onto one of these orbs,’ asked Nikki.

‘That they can escape that fate by believing they can be saved from it.’

‘Just that?’

‘Just that. Belief seems an easy thing. In reality, it is an insurmountable obstacle for so many.’

Later, this dialogue:

There is purpose in this. While your spirit emanates from a common source, your aura, in return, feeds back to the source when the channels are open, when the code is in place. This symbiotic relationship refuels itself and all attempts to break it are what drive the so-called mystery religions – it is an attempt to steal this key locked within the symbiosis.

The enemy can never gain that key but he can go about it the long way, by asking every soul to give itself to him – freely. He interprets tricking you into doing so as ‘freely’. If every soul were to give itself freely to him, he would be in a strong position to gain the key.

The majority of the world has unwittingly already done this – squandered its birthright, through the seven sins for example, by dabbling in things they have no understanding of, and they have no idea they are lost until it is too late.

You see, it need not be a conscious thing. Every time you know something is right and you do something else, you lay yourself open, you become exposed to control. It also weakens your resolve and following this loss of resolve, your soul slowly dies within you. So far, there are still a few, a minority, who have not signed their souls over. They are the targets of his enmity.’

Clif speaks of psychic perception … that when he was flying into Mexico City, lightning struck the plane, twice. In the fraction of time immediately before it hit, at least one woman, and others too, had a premonition.  Clif was describing something quite real, so he sets up a model on his white board to explain it.

He calls it the “Universe” enabling one thing but not another. One often mentioned (not by Clif but years ago, elsewhere) is Hitler failing to launch the killer strike on Blighty … he turned away to Russia, just as they’re doing now.

The Higgs boson … look at the complex they built, the collider … and did they isolate it? No. But they barefaced claimed they had and whooped and partied.  Truth was, the failure at the last moment was always going to be so … quite possibly for mathematical reasons but that whole sequence in the first place … what of that?

Is there some sort of force, power, God? You call it what you want. Tower of Babel … stymied again. The astounding thing is that it’s all intimated, indicated through the scriptures of the prophets and seers, inc. Revelation. Whyever not? Signposters at points through history, things which had to be tapped back on course.

Whether there’s purpose, a theological concept or a sequencing, a secular concept, there’s most certainly any amount of accurate prediction … it just needs putting together. Thus people fail to gain that insight. It’s not time. But as Clif says … close to the event itself, suddenly people finally see with clarity.

Food for thought. And where Clif, the other guy and us are agreed … the tornado is coming. Also, to say this is not to diminish the achievement:

There’s an area between physics and metaphysics which is not at all at odds … just because our perception is too limited in day to day matters … or through blind prejudice … or even hatred … to be able to see it.

We’ll see it soon enough.

19.  Let’s close off the ladies at lunchtime thing first


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  3. Digger
    23. Yes.

    Pilot baled leaving plane on autopilot. Sounds like fun 🙄

    1. And we're supposed to believe the USAF don't have real-time satellite tracking on such a valuable asset? At the very least, they should know where the telemetry signal was lost. If that doesn't lead to a smouldering hole in the desert then "Aliens" must be responsible...

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  6. woodsy42
    23 - well isn't meant to be a stealth aircraft?
    Reminded me of this sad tale from the strange mind of Les Barker

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  8. 23: it's a "stealth" aircraft - it's meant to be hard to find. Maybe it's found a comfy cave to hide in.


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