Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday [15 to 18]

(1400) Afternoon all. (1733)

18.  Blackrock and investors

17.  IYE at NOWP

… and the Big Pharma connection?

16.  Ian J

Is Britain’s Chief of Defense Staff acting under the orders of the UK 'puppet' gov't in child 'removal'?

Admiral Anthony Radakin, one of the key NATO advisers to President Zelensky, it was the NATO operational services under Radakin’s control that supported the creation of a special unit for “evacuation”, but in reality, for illegal transportation of children to the West.
Anthony Radakin, 57, has been Britain’s Chief of Defense Staff since November 2021. The high-ranking British military officer reportedly had at least three operational assignments in the Middle East, where, according to the Foundation’s source, he was allegedly involved in organizing the removal of underage Iraqi children to the territory of the United Kingdom.

15.  Evets on Monday

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