Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday [11 to 14]

(1114) Ladies at lunchtime a tad later (1230) to cover a RL delivery due around then. Quiz sometime late afternoon, current plans. Currently in a lucid break from the lurgy which I hope gives me a couple of hours. (1128)

14.  Steve

If you're interested..

The Kari Lake Show Ep. 1: Inside “The Laptop from Hell”

13.  Digger

Other thing - watch that Clif H video I left and start praying he and his co-host are wrong. Seeing more folks picking up on a similar sort of happening.

JH: Shall do ... add that to the four items mentioned and it's a pretty good take on things.

12.  prm

On the topic of IvorMT, if anyone would like info on getting some I've found a supplier who costs about 1/3 of anything else I've previously found online - I can drop a comment with details if required. (From India, took about 10 days).

JH: Yes please, prm, or over at NOWP. Or email.

11.  Ian J

I found this clip on

another reality of 'climate change'


  1. JH: Right, Digger … I’ve had an initial search through all September comments, drew a blank. Will try IYE across the way, see if it was there. Pity you can’t recall the url as I’d like to run it after the quiz.

    1. Digger

      Was over yonder

  2. 12. Details emailed to you at protonmail.