Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday [1 to 3]

(0652) Morning all, eventually I suppose, finally awoke minutes ago ... can't do much blogging if asleep. (0722)

3.  Where to even start today with TDS?

2.  DAD at NOWP

a) The disappearance of China’s defence minister, the latest in a string of upheavals in the country’s top ranks, is stoking uncertainty about President Xi Jinping’s rule as an internal security clampdown trumps international engagement.

b) One property company have realised the danger with electric scooters and bikes.

c) WW3? Former Vice President Mike Pence warned this week that if Russian forces are not repelled in Ukraine, U.S. military service members may have to step up to the fight.

d) This cat is a car fan.

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  Oncologist warns Cancers are rapidly developing Post-C**ID-19 Vaccination: “I am experienced enough to know this is not a Coincidence”

b.  Dear fully vaccinated: The newly approved C**ID shot is not a booster – it is literally a new (untested) vaccine

c.  The UN’s New Political Declaration On Pandemics

d.  Why are the Freemasons collecting the DNA of your Children?

e.  UN Secretary-General is unfit to be lecturing the world about hate speech and disinformation

f.  Denmark is the latest European country turning away from transgender mutilation of children

g.  Behind the curtain of relentless bare-faced lying there is no climate emergency

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