Monday, September 18, 2023

Microdave presents Roman Aqueducts

At least that's what it says on the box. The video plays in his email to my gmail, it also plays at Gab itself of course:

Guess where it does not play, since WP shut out playback of tweets and they never allowed gabs to play?  

So the implications are clear ... unless you have some nu-tech which allows you to view, then your choices are join Gab or join Twitter. Now there are obvious reasons why you'd not want.  

I realised long ago here that there were two ways to go ... either play nice and use the platforms to the fullest possible ... or play not nice, as my mate does not ... and I believe there's a good case for that too ... it certainly suits the male and masculine female's psyches much better than my softly softly way.

But there are limits to the gaming type "blast em out" cowboy method.  Alpha males can point out to me that both approaches fail in the end but the aggressive alpha is better armed. 

Uh huh. I saw this in a table tennis world title once, where one player was the aggressor, constantly smashing ... and the other was the ultra-defensive type, ultra-patient ... but first sign of weakness and he suddenly went on the attack ... relentlessly.

I like that approach as it uses plenty of the type of ammunition which you have limitless supplies of but it conserves that which you've not a lot of ... quite like Russia versus the US and UK govt and letter agencies, through the hapless Ukies. But that strategy requires good perimeter defences and great concentration ... defensive warfare is not easy, it's watchful.  It's more like chess.

Remember, there are two types of passivity ... the limpwristed "nicey-nice" normie SNAG type ... versus the coiled, if ostensibly passive, watchful spring ... Mr. Nice ... who can suddenly become a Right Bstd when it's called for.

Coming back to Microdave and Roman aqueducts, you'll either be able to access that gab ... or you won't.

If you can't, then this is the beauty of the N.O. model as it has evolved ... for example, pete came in with the Ann Barnhardt link, a game changer. One man ... me in this case ... simply cannot present everything needing presenting ... it's not possible ... it needs your constructive input from your experience ... but bear in mind you'll be shut down too. 

It's still better to be in the game than not.

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