Monday, September 18, 2023

Ladies at lunchtime

In two cases, I deliberately chose a young photo of her to try to disguise her identity (a bit). Can you name all four? Only n4 might be a challenge ... she currently heads up a major alt-network's prime show, with glasses on (KM). Pity Ripper's not so lucid just now.

JH: N1 CR, Korean mother, n2 TG, American Samoa, n3 LL, Durban Za, n4 KMcK, San Diego, OANN.


  1. 1: eyes wrong. 2: teeth and upper gum wrong but stay; is that Tulsi Scabbard?
    3. excess of teeth. 4 face rather asymmetrical.

  2. Deary me, he's picky, inni ? 1 is drop dead gorgeous

  3. JH: Do we know who they are though, gentlemen?

  4. Steve

    1. Know her but can't name her.
    2. Twenty-four hour from Tulsi :)
    3. Lara Logan, circa 2000
    4. Goodness knows.

  5. — Justin

    4. Kayleigh McKinnerny

  6. JH: All right, chaps … first is Chanel Rion of OANN, the White House Chief Correspondent, interviewed the Donald a few times, has access to the family as you’d expect for a MAGA.

    Second is Tulsi of course.

    Third is Lara … yes. Deliberately young shot.

    Fourth I’m holding back for 1800 as I have a video of her.