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3.  Andy, over at NOWP, wrote

This gave me a little laugh. Both his acknowledgement and the audience laughter stopped me laughing though. It ain't funny. Could we use it as evidence in the Anthony Linton etc trial on charges of treason?

2.  The obesity epidemic

The weight discrimination bill reflects a remarkable change in Mayor Adams’s views. 

Seven years ago he successfully treated a diagnosis of diabetes with rigorous lifestyle changes. He dropped a lot of weight, eschewed fast food and became a vegan. Since then he has lobbied for healthier living as a means to cut down chronic illnesses. 

Only last year he commented in an editorial

“I have made it my mission to use what I learned and increase New Yorkers’ access to a high-quality, affordable, nutritious diet, so that more people can avoid diseases in the first place.”

Adams is spot on with the health stuff as obesity is one of the foremost health issues in the U.S. The CDC’s current data show that: “Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. These are among the leading causes of preventable, premature death.” The obesity rate among U.S. adults is 41.9%, and the estimated excess medical costs for our population is $173 Billion.

This begs the question: why should the obese be protected as they can diet and exercise just like Adams? However, the currently fashionable view is that obesity has social causes.

Which of course, is a w**k ... in the sense they're trying to displace blame by, to insist on being protected by law for bad lifestyle choices. 

However, in another sense, it's quite right to plead "social causes" ... in the sense that we are responsible for our consequences in a personal way ... in our immediate dealings with others we meet. In that sense, failure to take responsibility for one's actions can only produce bad results.

Different matter though, with the consequences of allowing psycho loons into positions of power ... for when a society does that, horrible consequences ensue, as night follows day, the society breaks down, the draconian big stick has to be used by the psychos to enforce their lunacy ... and it's soon like an epidemic or bushfire. To blame us for "allowing" these sneaky people into power is a little more difficult to sheet home, except at election time.

There's another equally valid point and that's one I myself have had to stonewall on I'm afraid.  In this public space called N.O., this tavern, things we know which are truly ugly, horrible, humanity gone wrong, things we agree are so and we fight against them on a daily basis ... well such "gross" things are never going to be displayed on these pages, in order to protect "the right not to be forced to see or watch". 

By what logic would you force someone to 24/7 be forced to watch the very thing we oppose?

So in that sense, safe spaces are required ... I require, and anyone else preferring the beauty and awe of nature for example requires, a place our patrons can go without being "grossed out" by slimy things. 

By all means refer to them, link with a warning, but have some sense of respect for the normal and decent things too.

A perfect example is having to confront something they're doing every single bloody advert. Visitors to NO know I often feature black musicians ... because they're talented, because what they produce is good. And why not? 

But when advertisers force us to see one of this demographic in every single bloody ad, then there's something else quite obsessive going on here, something quite psycho in fact.

Now to cricket clubs. Let's just say we're members of a particular club we'll call, say, the Marble Cricket Club and the psychos get onto the committee more and more until one day, the club sec writes that women must be admitted and no poll of members is undertaken, let alone overseen for cheating in the count, especially as members are already paying for annual ladies tickets to bring one's female guest ... in other words, there's already been a female presence in the hallowed halls ... then on what grounds can the club insist?

Answer is, of course, the law, certainly if this club space is maintained by public moneys, by taxes. There is a case, in that case. 

All of which strays from the point that there must be some retreat at least to escape people who've made gross choices and who are insisting that we embrace that.  

No way. No bleedin' way.

How to escape the En-gross-ment Police?  Well in the USSR, people stayed shtum, got away, scurried by, crossed the road to avoid.

So new laws are made to make crossing the road an offence, if a gross specimen were coming past.  To refuse to engage becomes a crime.

Completely different situation to where it's not criminalised, plus the gross individual shows remorse and is trying to self-improve. My experience in that case is that most people I know will be supportive.

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