Monday, June 05, 2023

Monday [8 to 13]

(0917) Brekky porridge today. You?

13.  Just one more thing before the gals at noon

12.  Elon

Elon Musk Calls for All Social Media Companies to Open Source Their Algorithms 

“There’s a massive amount of secret suppression going on at Facebook, Google, Instagram…It’s just nonstop secret suppression.”


11.  IYE over there

It looks like the @GoodLawProject are underwriting the mass reporting campaign against @DrAseemMalhotra and other doctors raising safety concerns in the public interest. So who is funding them and are they acting outside the bounds of legal probity?

(JH: There’s a lot more written.)

10.  Jo Nova

(JH: Essentially, good readers, we are NOT pleased with these psycho clowns, there are going to be whacks.)

Always they bully and shame people, instead of answering their questions.

In what other aspect of life do we mock people for doing their own research? — Climate Change. And it’s been going on for years.

Teach the children. The questions they don’t want you to ask, are the most important ones of all.

9.  Some more

8.  TCW good as usual, chose this one

I really know little about finance, except personal finances and the banksters’ doubgs … up to speed on those.

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  1. re #8 the article on the NHS is also worth a read:
    "Here’s the reality – the NHS has failed."


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