Monday, June 05, 2023

Monday [18 till film of a sort]

I need to explain. I’ve absolutely no more “out there” news just now but do have a weird short film or episode.  Yet we need this “till” post, usually “till close of play”, so that MftWC  has somewhere to leave his drops.

18.  Over at NOWP

So with that as its main purpose, let me also mention IYE and another store to boycott … they’re already touting the rainbow thing.

That film of a sort will be at 1900.


  1. MftWC 1

    Pfizer is killing your Family for Profit – Gov. proves 92% of C**ID Deaths were among the Triple+ Vaccinated in 2022

    10 myths told by C**ID experts — and now debunked

    NHS trusts shared patients’ private health records with Facebook

    How can I be so sure that regular vaccines cause autism? I asked the one question that no autism researcher has ever asked

    WHO partners with Rockefellers to implement Wellcome Trusts’ plan for a “Global Pandemic Radar”

    In other news..

    Danger! Subversives in “green” clothing are seeking to demolish your country

    Net Zero Zealots impose levy to increase the cost of household goods

  2. MftWC 2

    Military situation in Donbass on June 5, 2023 (Map Update)

    Ukraine Attacks Zaporozhzhie, Donbass, First Attacks Repelled, Ukraine Heavy Losses; Belgorod Defeated

    Summer offensive starts, kind of. Belgium wants answers. Macron master of lies. Poland Protest. U/1

    Update on Ukraine, Russian Pacific and Baltic fleets, Ben Wallace as head of NATO, BRICS + Iran - Levan Gudadze

    "Ukraine's Offensive is ready" Zelenskyy - Judge Napolitano | Ray McGovern

    Ukraine Offensive - All the hype - Judge Napolitano | Col. Daniel Davis

    Military overview on June 5, 2023: Second day of Ukrainian counteroffensive

  3. Giving 'em out like sweeties devalues the whole honour system whichever country is doing it.

    1. JH: How could a treasonous scumbag like Milley be given any award except the death penalty?

    2. Steve

      He's the one who said he would inform on his boss (President Trump) to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). That is a hanging offence.

  4. In the title

  5. MftWC 3

    Postal Service Releases Final Report – Contract Driver Jesse Morgan Vindicated – Report Confirms He Hauled Trailer of Ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in Late October 2020

    Amistad Attorney Phil Kline Reacts to the USPS Investigation on Oct. 2020 Ballot Deliveries Vindicating Driver Jesse Morgan

    FBI Again Refuses to Hand Over Biden Bribery Document to House Oversight, ‘We Will Initiate Contempt of Congress Hearings’ (Video)

    FBI Confirmed the Document Alleging Biden Engaged in $5 Million Bribery Scheme is From Highly Credible Informant

    FBI Mole One-Eye Is Advising Hunter Biden on His Criminal Investigations – The Same Mole Who Tipped Off Hunter’s Chinese Business Partners During Previous Probe (Video)

    Former Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey Endorses Robert F. Kennedy for President – After Twitter Censored Kennedy During His Reign

  6. MftWC 4

    Ukraine Is Going Kamikaze

    Successful Attack and Repelled Ukrainian Counterattack Overshadowed by PMC Wagner Infighting With Ministry of Defense – Mercenary Forces Arrest Russian Brigade Commander for Firing on Their Troops

    Globalist World Health Organization Will Take Up EU System behind Digital Vaccine Passports to “Facilitate Global Mobility” and “Better Protect Citizens”

    Transgender Inmate in Minnesota to be Transferred to Women’s Prison, Get Surgery, and Awarded $495,000 in Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement

    Woke Target Funding Anti-White, Marxist Organization that Wants to Destroy America’s Military and Give Away Mount Rushmore and Other Public Lands to “Truly Dismantle White Supremacy”

    University of Cincinnati Student Claims She Received a Zero on a Class Project for Using Term ‘Biological Women’


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