Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Wednesday [19 till close of play]

Evening all.

22.  And may well be again

21.  Glasgow ... City of Culture

More safistikated than 2001:

20.  More with DAD at NOWP

A much-trumpeted ban on short domestic flights in France took effect with so many exemptions that no services will be halted. Net Zero is completely unworkable. #CostOfNetZero

19.  Steve

War Room snippets - the first two align with Christine Anderson's statement (NOWP, 338, IYE) on the tyranny we are facing. The third is the policy of uncontrolled mass immigration: to get rid of whitey. Fourth speaks for itself, bigly.

Proposed Global WHO Treaty Supersedes Nation’s Constitution, Establishing Global Governance

“No More Nations”: Noor Bin Ladin Warns of Globalists’ Plan to Destroy National Sovereignty

Wade Miller: The Plot to 'Destroy American Culture'

Mike Davis: FBI Destroying Evidence in Clinton Foundation Investigation


  1. MftWC 1

    How to remove the Nanobots, Nanotech & Graphene found in the C**id injections being transmitted from the Vaccinated from your body

    Hydrogel In Injectable Medications – Dexamethasone, Insulin, Benadryl, Lidocaine

    What the Big Pharma crime syndicate is up to

    ‘One Health’ will give WHO’s Dictator General power to initiate climate lockdowns

    Chemtrails are not a theory, they are a conspiracy fact

    In other news..

    Parents Sue Elite Schools For ‘Indoctrinating’ Their Kids

    New York pediatrician says gender transition is a “normal thing” that “starts at birth or even before”

  2. re #22 IAP has a 2-parter: the CVs of those behind the theft of the UK gov't by rich foreign 'elites':

  3. MftWC 2

    Military situation in Donbass on May 24, 2023 (Map Update)

    Russia Defeats Belgorod Suicide Mission, Claims 50K Ukr KIA Bakhmut, Mulls Offensive; Xi, Russian PM

    US weapons in Russia, fuzzy pics. Orban, no victory for Ukraine. Borrell, Belgorod or Belgrade. U/1

    Belgorod region, Putin on Ukraine, London presses the EU, Iran - Eurasian Union, Russia - China - Levan Gudadze

    Military overview: Ukrainian losses on Russian territory (18+)

    Putin's Plan for Ukraine Now - Judge Napolitano | Ray McGovern

    After Bakhmut, Is Russia Still Advancing? Judge Napolitano | Col. Daniel Davis

    Ukraine Is Falling Apart As Putin Marches West - Stephen Gardner | Col. Doug Macgregor

    Battle for Bakhmut from February to May 2023 (Maps)

  4. MftWC 3

    Kari Lake Announces She Will Continue Fighting Stolen Election Case “to The US Supreme Court” – Will Launch “The Largest, Most Extensive Ballot Chasing Operation in Our State’s History” (Video)

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Formally Enters 2024 Presidential Election, Files FEC Paperwork

    Kari Lake Slams Ron DeSantis Over Disney Fight Ahead of Campaign Launch: “If You Can’t Beat Donald Duck, How Are You Going to Beat Donald Trump?

    Hillary Clinton Who Was Behind the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Says Trump Winning in 2024 Would ‘End Democracy in America’

    America First Legal Uncovers Vast Censorship Network Funded by State Department, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Others – That Targeted, Censored and Discredited Independent Media Outlets Who Were Challenging Official Narrative

    Rasmussen Reports Survey: Majority of Americans Agree Media Favors Democrats and is “Truly the Enemy of the People”

  5. MftWC 4

    Robert Kennedy, Jr: “Trump Has Shown Himself to Be the Most Devastating Debater Probably Since Abraham Lincoln” (Video)

    Marjorie Taylor Greene: Treasury is Hiding Human Sex Trafficking Documents on Hunter Biden – With Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers of People Involved in Prostitution Rings – Including Russians (Video)

    GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Files Another Resolution to ‘Censure, Condemn, and Fine’ Serial Liar Adam Schiff $16 Million for His ‘Egregious Abuse of Trust’

    Shady Black Lives Matter Org Headed Toward Total Bankruptcy – Still Giving Seven Figure Salaries to Board Members and Co-Founder’s Family

    C**ID-Vaccine Injured Americans File Lawsuit Against Biden Regime Over Censorship

    WHO Chief Warns of Potential Deadlier Disease than C**ID, Urges Global Preparedness