Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thursday [4 to 6]

(0743) Morning all. Knew it would be a late start. (0812)

6.  Housekeeping

There's a personal, a blogging, then a universal matter, the latter affecting everyone.

Personal ... with my state of health, which overall is not bad, even good, there are still occasions it dips, just as with you but in my case, the bod calls for total shut down ... immediately. It did so about 0445 this morning and I had to scramble to get the MftWC up, then crashed.  Far from being a bad thing, it's good, personally, as the bod has things in hand and odds were things would be ok.  And here we are.

Blogwise ... or are they? There are things going very wrong, niggardly things, processes, things just not doing their job inside the machine and again ... hardly surprising, given the state of play in the tech world, combined with the political. This is the same effect as the Israeli slaves in Egypt having the straw removed from the brickmaking ... those of us here ... long time patrons ... understand very well the duress we're under ... as are the Dutch and French farmers understood around the world.  Readers, the niggardly issues, cyberinternally, are quite real and are doubling blog composing time cumulatively. Yet again, a known-known ... there are ways around, measures I need to take.

Universally ... far more important is that very late reply to a series of tweets last evening, and I'm going to repeat it both here and at OoL. I rarely let one post serve both sites these days but this is an exception. I'll need to compose it in a new post for item Thurs 7 today, give me twenty minutes or so ... but better, I'll run our first feature of the day at 0830 and spend the time sipping and composing n7.

5.  DAD at NOWP

JH: Quite a bit from DAD this morning:

Three days after the publication of the report of the Court of Auditors which draws up “an unfavorable assessment of cattle breeding for the climate” in France, the indignation and anger of the agricultural world do not weaken. Especially since the authors of this 80-page document recommend “a significant reduction in livestock” so that France’s international commitments to reduce methane emissions are respected.

{If Macron thinks that he can take on the Farmers – he needs to think again.}

4.  MftWC too

Military situation in Donbass on May 24, 2023 (Map Update)

Russia Defeats Belgorod Suicide Mission, Claims 50K Ukr KIA Bakhmut, Mulls Offensive; Xi, Russian PM

US weapons in Russia, fuzzy pics. Orban, no victory for Ukraine. Borrell, Belgorod or Belgrade. U/1

Belgorod region, Putin on Ukraine, London presses the EU, Iran - Eurasian Union, Russia - China - Levan Gudadze

Military overview: Ukrainian losses on Russian territory (18+)

Putin's Plan for Ukraine Now - Judge Napolitano | Ray McGovern

After Bakhmut, Is Russia Still Advancing? Judge Napolitano | Col. Daniel Davis

Ukraine Is Falling Apart As Putin Marches West - Stephen Gardner | Col. Doug Macgregor

Battle for Bakhmut from February to May 2023 (Maps)

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  1. Don't you just love it? "International commitments". To whom ? Did we vote for them? Sounds good though. Not just an ordinary commitment but an international one. Better knuckle down then, eh?


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