Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thursday [11 to 14]

(1017) Slowly does it … still way behind and playing catch-up. (1525)

14.  Staying sane

… well as close to it as poss anyway.

YWW and I have this ongoing gag, mentioned before, and I swear it keeps me nearly becoming sane again. Those sorts of things, plus seven or eight other tweeters, are really important to me and I hope I can brighten the day too. That’s how it works.  Gab’s necessary for sure but a person needs the occasional break.

This is in addition our circle here and mine outside as well.  Good stuff.

13.  CRT has responded

12.  In which Scrobs makes an important point

The vital importance of an Aunt Doris.

11.  Vox thinking as I’ve been thinking

This is why it makes absolutely no sense to inflate or exaggerate your Internet traffic. I haven’t paid any attention to it since Google kicked me off Blogger and it became impossible to do a historical apples-to-apples comparison. I have absolutely no idea how many people visit anything but Arktoons on a daily basis, and even there, I’m more interested in tracking our number of total episodes than anything else.

Yes, that’s fine for Vox who’s on meganumbers anyway but it’s also fine for me unless those numbers shift significantly, wildly I’m talking, day to day. And even there, a wave pattern which I have at ONO is not as important as monthly, which is usually within a range for ONO itself which I mentioned months ago - still the same. 

Two months ago it was bizarrely high and many things could have spiked that, inc. hostile interest, last month it dipped, this month it’s just holding … fine in my book. Last two days has been down but that could be anything from uninteresting posts to people’s illnesses to brilliant sunshine out there, to our political situation.

I quite agree with Vox that numbers are pretty irrelevant, esp. if focus is on other outlets too, there is also our overlords factor, plus the bots.  I’d advise any new or occasional blogger to just do yer thang, put up relevant posts … that’s the whole of it.

What’s it matter if we fold? Hardly a blip on the Them radar and yet it is … we’re yet another nuisance to keep a weather eye on. Multiply that by a million pundits … starts becoming significant, no?


  1. Steve

    Little factoid I learnt today is the Ford Motor Company reversed its decision to remove the AM radio band from its in-car-entertainment systems due to public disapproval. The US is a big country and AM goes a long, long way :)

    1. JH: Most interesting … I love AM. I bet reducing range for people was the whole point.

  2. re. 14 Staying Sane - here with Jack Hargreaves - the washed out blue of the flax field in the film is nothing like the real thing -- (red flax flower petals are amazing - translucent in the sunshine.. like California poppies are)

  3. ps... not sure about oil seed rape or Canola


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