Monday, May 29, 2023

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(0930) Covfefe. (0942)

14.  Not one more penny for the RNLI

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11. Laura Dodsworth

How disappointing that just as I have a Road to Damascus moment I find that the Church of England has had a Road to Davos moment.

But the Church of England has a Net Zero obsession. In fact, it’s debatable from its website whether it worships God or Zero. Zero takes off in the public imagination because it is a godlike number, or rather non-number. It is a picture of eternity, a circle like the universe. It is mystery, nothingness, the void, unquantifiable. The ultimate emptiness is zero. Should humans ever strive towards zero?


  1. And let's have some real news: Today is apparently international biscuit day. I shall be celebrating with a double allowance of Custard Creams! (Sorry I'm a bit out of things after a week in the frozen wastes of North Scotland with no data signal - yes it was bloody cold the first few days)

  2. Outrageous! "Zero" is a Hindu concept and has no business in the C of E. We shall now sing Psalm 100.

  3. Steve

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  4. Woodsy!
    Had you informed us it was International Biscuit Day sooner I would have sent you and the rest of the folks here tins full of various homemade cookies, errrr…biscuits I enjoy baking for my family and pals! Presently, custard creams is not among my list. By next year certainly I can come up with a recipe that might suit. I make custard so that is a step in the process.

    I will mosey on off in my flip flops and seersucker outfit and look for a good custard cream recipe!

    Oh! AND for me, every day is International Biscuit Day!

    Perhaps next year! .