Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday [15 till close of play]

Evening all.  For once I'm at a total loss for news. I was looking for one of Ian's, one of Evets too on any new angle.  However, I'll post this anyway, hoping something will come along.

Even Bit Chute was a loss.


  1. JH - sorry, have been outside in the sun today, trying to do a bit of gardening while 'resting' my (post-op) knee. Little 'news' to report, it seems to be largely fiction at the mo.

    1. Watched the Judge Neopolitano vids earlier and have just seen this from helena:

  2. MftWC 1

    Study links mRNA in C**ID jabs to vaginal bleeding

    Rockefeller partners with WHO to control the world in the event of “pandemics” caused by “climate change”

    And Just Like That, Your Rights Are Gone

    BBC wants to be the sole source of truth and it’s getting roasted for it

    Propaganda is betrayal and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has betrayed us all, says veteran journalist

    Backlash & Boycott-Calls Hit North Face After Ad Featuring Drag Queen

    London mayor’s office in charge of public transport system bans whites from applying for internships

    Lab-grown fake meat: very bad for the environment

  3. No news is good news.
    Especially in these troubled times.

  4. Here's a bit of news for you, Mike Jones (iearlgrey) and Masha the translator (Maria Leylanova) are missing in the Donbass region. According to John Mark Dougan they were last seen in the area of Soledar, handing out supplies to civilians. Mike is featured on Mirotrovets.

  5. MftWC 2

    West provokes escalation of Ukrainian conflict, encouraging Kiev to intensify hostilities

    Rus Advances North Central Donbass, Ukraine Attack Recon Ship TurkStream Fails; Armenia Azerbaijan Peace

    Mike Jones - Gonzalo lira, Missile strikes Russia-Ukraine, Nuland on Ukrainian counteroffensive - Levan Gudadze

    Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks. Germany chooses recession. F-16 not a magic weapon. Diia app. U/1

    Poland must back regime change in Belarus – former MoD deputy minister

  6. Toodles~
    Agree with Doonhammer. Enjoy while we may. Could be the calm before the proverbial storm!

    Always be prepared. Good to do during the calm times.

    If preparing is stocking the pantry, or getting ‘D’ after knee surgery, or healing from a broken humerus, the time of healing can be used for things some people neglect, or have no time to do because of busy lives. Such people are aware, to a point, what is under the heavy layers of blankets where molded evil lurks. Such concerned and aware people are busy researching and trying to inform others who appreciate the efforts presented about this crazed world. Others people reject the info and just might jeer those who are doing their bit to help others. Still, such people, like Y’ALL(!), persevere. 🙏Thank you.

    Calm times are good opportunities to think, reflect, relax and absorb Precious things.

  7. MftWC 3

    Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Approves 30 Signatures in 30 Seconds (Video)

    DeSantis Fox Interview to Kickoff Campaign Drew Less Than Two Million Viewers, Less Than 200K in Key Demo - Compared to Trump’s Over Three Million and 780K in Key Demo for CNN Town Hall

    Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron DeSantis at His California Ranch and Told Him Fox News Will Support Him

    Ron DeSantis Dodges Question When Asked by Newsmax Host Bolling If He Would Be Trump’s VP (Video)

    CNN and MSNBC Mention Trump 399 Times in 10 Hours (Video)

    Special Counsel John Durham Will Testify Before Congress on June 21 on the Greatest Political Scandal in US History – Obama and Hillary’s Trump-Russia Hoax

  8. MftWC 4

    Five Reports in Five Hours Reveal the Rise of the Marxist Horde and Their Assault on Our Sacred Rights

    Target Partners with Controversial Education Group, GLSEN, Promoting Gender Transition in Schools Without Parental Consent

    Chinese Caught Red-Handed Stripping Allied WWII Grave for Scrap

    Is the United States Poking the Bear or Is Ukraine Going Rogue or Is it Both?

    Russian Official Predicts the End of Ukraine – Polish Military Ready to Intervene in Case of Coup in Belarus – Georgia Being Pressured Into Military Action Against Putin

    EU Parliament C**ID-19 Summit: “C**id-19 was an Act of Biological Warfare Perpetrated on the Human Race. It was a Financial Heist. Nature was Hijacked. Science was Hijacked” (Video)


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