Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wednesday [1]

Just past midnight, asleep, awoke, probably zonk again.

Andy writes at NOWP

James, tou* spent some rime* in Australia and I'm sure you can confirm that neither of these two links reflect the true nature of Aussies.

The top one is my daily laugh, the second just makes me sigh.

Andy, how about this one?

It's Javed Miandad (Pak) wound up by Lillee (Aus) ... the rule being abused I always thought stupid anyway ... the crime of "obstructing the field".  That is, if the batsman prevents the fieldsman, he's out, the fieldsman can obstruct the bat all he likes.

And that happened in a mixed indoor cricket final where the girl was instructed to drift across my path multiple times and block me running. Stupid umpire refused to watch, probably bonking her on the side.

Anyway, in this one, most Aussies I heard and read thoroughly approved of the excitable little Paki getting his on general principles but not that way ... Lillee's crime was kicking from behind, Miandad's was raising his bat. 

An Indian observed:

Australians, I recall, roasted Lillee for that cowardly, timid kick from behind. Andy's example was much rougher, more like this:

However could these convicts have developed such bad habits?

For once, I'm not sure colour comes into this, it was along team lines seems to me and it's always been. I'm putting these up just to keep Andy and other nightowls entertained. 😁

*  Not sure these were actual typos ... "tu" is a perfectly acceptable form of address between mates in France and as for "rime", well there's the ancient mariner, inn there? And I'm nautical.

Peace love, power to your drinking arm and really groovy things, dudes.

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