Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tuesday late matinee

Wwweeellllll, not really a matinee but a TV episode. Perfect example of a second show series opening, people liked what they saw in the first, actors and actresses start to be attracted, some later become big names.  

This again is playing our ace early in the week instead of holding it back but … hey … why not? We have another ace tomorrow, via IYE.  Enjoy.

Quite agree with the opening of this review:

Though Harold J. Stone's character of Pops Felcher never existed don't let that bother you or keep you from watching one of the best Untouchables episodes out there and a grand start for season two.

The one to really watch out for is Elizabeth Montgomery playing the title role in The Rusty Heller Story. Rusty is one foxy looking jazz baby who keeps trading up in men of the criminal type. She's got Capone accountant Norman Fell on her hooks as well as Stone who is an eastern mobster looking to take over from Al Capone should he be convicted of income tax evasion. Topping that all off she's also got David White, the future Larry Tate and boss of her husband Darrin in Bewitched just drooling after her.

When Stone is forced to take back a sable coat that his wife Allison Hayes found out she got that sets in motion Rusty's revenge where she settles accounts like a southern fried Corleone. She even makes a play for straight arrow Eliot Ness. By the way Allison Hayes best known for playing a 50 foot women who also got even with some two-timers in that movie has one biting scene with Stone and Montgomery.

Far from the all American witch Samantha Stevens, Liz Montgomery is both wonderful and as far as you can get from Bewitched as you can.

Look, it’s not history per se, although there was a real life Rusty Heller type with the mobs … thing is, it’s entertaining, redolent of the era.  Nothing to touch it today and EM can … er … actually act. Act well.

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