Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Every word Now and Next writes here on this topic:

… is spot on and it’s not just the teachers of course but the heads, school boards and naturally … the monsters above them, feeding down the poison.

Attached to this is the curriculum branch. I know all of them, at each level, I’ve worked for them, with them, accepted the shekels, up to the point I saw it really start to change.  The first change during my time was the coming of open plan classrooms and research changes (see the posts on dumbing down even on this blog). This was right across the west, including here and downunder, from about 1971 through to maybe 1975.

The next major change was the National Curriculum and I can only report on that in the sense that we in independent schools wanted to know for how long they’d lay off with their Wokery. In one particular case, a demonstration lesson I gave to a class was assessed as an A (from B, C, D, U).  There were visiting teachers.

I taught the same lesson five years or so later with an Ofsted inspector present and he wrote it up as antediluvian. That’s when I knew education was in trouble.  The things coming out of that little man’s mouth were drivel, our own results compared to the local area spoke enough. Our parents liked what we did, so we kept doing it, at least for two more years until the state inserted itself.

Some years later, in Russia, I was asked to demonstrate Oxford and Pearson texts to schools and so I studied them.  Total bilge, the grammar teaching wrong in many places.  I’ve already mentioned that one reading comp exercise was about Soros in a supportive, loveable rogue light.  I slipped away from that type of work as there were requests from banks and other voice-over work, TV and radio, and as they were commercial banks selling their wares … why not? Strangely, it was far cleaner work, more honest.

I looked through a few Soviet era English grammar texts, hardback, and though the propaganda side was pretty bad, the grammar was spot on, far more trad, far better than Oxford was putting out at exorbitant prices.  When I got back here, I looked through my mate’s son’s GCSE history book … it was trash … Woke propaganda every few lines. Appalled.

So yes, the teachers are teaching destructive Woke trash, mindless little twerps under forty years old, brainwashed, but the hard truth is … somebody appointed them.  Same in every field, not just education.


  1. I fondly remember having to 'cover' our textbooks and to take care of them for the Year following ours. It was a matter of some pride. Standards.

    1. Toodles~
      Torquamada! We did the same! Each year the books were issued a letter grade as to each book's condition when received by a pupil. Accordingly, at the end of the year, or the term the book was used, if the book went down, probably more than a letter grade because of abuse the pupil was fined.

      Eventually when our schools started 'woking up' a little bit way back then even, students who were on free or half priced lunch and breakfast and free milk for snack breaks did not have to pay for their abused materials if indeed they could even find their books halfway in the year and some certainly were not to be found at the end of the school year.

      I am not saying all students in that situation abused their books, but it happened.

      We were issued book covers that had ads on them from local businesses. After books were issued some teachers allowed an afternoon session in which we covered the books. It was fun.

      Eventually, during the year each student could come up with or buy their own book covers. I knew some kids who used the comic pages from the newspaper for their covers. Cute, huh?

      Do book covering days still happen? Are books still issued?🤷🏻Who even knows?

      Around 8 years ago, I know for a fact, there was a certain high school in which every student was issued an apple computer. The were to take them home. They were to take very good care of them and return them at the end of the year.

      That one still has me in stitches!

  2. MftWC 1

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  6. Did French lessons here in France, teacher brought in some French language text books. Leftist propaganda. She was shocked by our response to it. Same with local government propaganda on environmental issues, espcially destruction of dams on local rivers used to power Water mills.

    1. Yes. They recently demolished a dam near La Roche (near a friend's place just west of St Hilaire du Harcouet). Lost a beautiful looking artificial lake and fishing area and now have a muddy stream in a valley that looks like a scene of abject destruction. Sadly the UK is no better - https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1749339/council-tear-down-trees-cambridge