Saturday, March 18, 2023

Try these

  1. France's oldest city (modern spelling).
  2. Who established the Merovingians?
  3. Next dynasty after them?
  4. Which denomination was massacred on St Batholomew's Day?
  5. Who were The Immortals in late C20th France?
  6. Which attack in Jan 2015 had a protest of 4.4m people?


  1. 4. The Huguenots. The Church of Rome was the RoP of the day. Not that the others were significantly different.

  2. JH: Bombs away, doing grand. Who's this JC by the way? Someone with messianic tendencies?

  3. 1) Marseille
    2) The Franks
    3) Carolingian Dynasty

  4. JH: 1 and 3 good, 2 though I need the king please. :) For 5, think language. Actually Les Immortels.

  5. Something to do with the Academie Francaise (provide your own accents I can't be bothered :) ) They preserve the mother tongue - 'tis why they aren't allowing any of the they/them pronoun nonsense. Get's my vote.

    1. JH: Yes, and the other one was Clovis. There was one comment with no moniker which had Marseilles right.


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