Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday [21 till close of play]

Evening all.

24.  Oh dear

Third one in two days, no moniker.  Starts: ""Rough books"!"

23.  Appointment with destiny

Well may Micron cower in Versailles from the people. The utter gall calling the French who are protesting non-citizens. Micron has an appointment at the Place de la Concorde.


22.  PD on book covering

We had to cover our textbooks. Was our first homework at Grammar school. Used up all the leftover bits of wallpaper and when that ran out we resorted to the brown paper saved from parcels. Didn't have to do exercise books but we couldn't deface the covers of those. We could do as we wanted with our "rough books" which is what we had to use for less formal work like general instructions. Could doodle on those till heart's content. I hated school. All of them. Moved around too much to settle into any of them. Couldn't wait to leave. College was much more fun - esp the Union and the bar!

21.  My bed arrived

Some of you might recall the previous one collapsed under me yesterday, although the landing was fairly soft.  Anyway, today’s has arrived and I’m going through the steps, it’s surrounded by woodwork on three sides, the ottoman or chest will be the fourth.

Now, this is the one which attracted your humble blogger most … partly because it’s offwhite and black, but mainly for this:

Yes, it’s a soft and breathable lady and bed set.  What’s not to like?  However, as I explored, certain things had me looking askance:

No issue with the pillow fighting if that’s her thang but … er … 2 to 4 people?  4?  On that bed?  Together? 295 kg?  Starting to get cold feet here.  And as for this:

With a dog?  Aaaagggghhhhhhhh!


  1. I think you will find in the small print that the lady is not included but is just a 'serving suggestion'.

  2. The problems of buying online! I've just had to buy a new mattress too and couldn't decide between two, even after finding a store with stock to try out! I opted for one with several layers of memory foam and a thinner layer of springs, but am still not sure about it although I've realised how terrible the old one was to sleep (or not) on. The new one's not soft and I can't hear it breathing plus it's a single,so frolics, even if I were up to it! I hope yours turns out OK, but please keep the details of the pillow fights secret!

  3. JH: Bitterly disappointed there’s no lady with the deal.

    1. Some steel box section, tube for slats and a few nuts/bolts and voila! A bed frame. Its all open but when the bed is made up the top rails are hidden. I made it this way so that I can install LED under lighting which will negate the need for bedside lamps. The old bed was pine, way beyond its sell-by date, which I've broken down to make the headboard (when I can get to it). That will fix to the wall and house everything else - phone, reading lights etc. Also 2 USB charging sockets on each side and a mantle style top for a row of books. The steel used to make the bed frame came free, I just had to do a bit of drilling, welding and Hammerite spray. The design copied from one seen on fleabay. Its solid and makes no noise during rumpy.

      Mattress is a normal pocket sprung but will be changed when the house is finished. Thinking of an air mattress, in which case I will have to put something flat and solid over the slats, such as a ply board. Am prevented from getting at any projects as the downstairs is being torn apart next month (phase 2) and the place will need carpeting throughout. Facing 2-3 weeks without a kitchen.

  4. Buying online can be advantageous sometimes. The ottoman I mentioned earlier for instance. As we were confined to quarters because of covid, that was ordered online. It came within 5 days - pretty darned good for France. However it was much lighter in colour than portrayed. It was supposed to be dark oak but was in fact natural pine so not even close. Also the box it came in was damaged so no surprise to find the ottoman inside it was also damaged. It had a big crack down one of the corners so it was being returned for a full refund. After contacting the store we were told they would issue a refund, including the delivery costs and we'd get our money back as soon as their carrier had texted them to say they'd picked it up. The store would get the carrier to contact us to arrange a date to collect it. So the ottoman was duly boxed up and we waited to hear from the carrier. And we waited. After 4 or 5 days I was checking the latest bank statement, as one does, and noticed we'd had the refund from the store already. Being an honest citizen I contacted the store to let them know we still hadn't heard from the carrier and could they gee them up. The lady on the other end of the phone said that as the item was less than €200 it was not their policy to ask damaged goods to be returned! It was not cost effective in their view. We didn't know that when we ordered it. She said we should take it to the tip!

    So one can of dark oak wood stain, a can of varnish both of which I already had and 8 small brass brackets and voila! One perfectly serviceable ottoman! The store didn't even ask for a photo to verify the damage either!

  5. 23. The lecky was turned off again last night at his official residence by the lecky providers. I like their style. Wonder if they can turn it off at Versailles for Charlie's visit and the chef has to serve them sandwiches de confiture for lunch.

    1. JH: We can but hope and pray he gets his soon, for the sake of France.

  6. 22) It was the same for me to cover my books. The big difference in our histories was that I loved school. One Teacher said that I was like a big sponge, just soaking up all the he and the other masters taught. Most of my junior schooling was during the war when the Masters were older men (we had no Lady teachers) with whom I seemed to have an affinity. In the Senior school we started to have younger men and women after service in the military and Teacher Training College. University was a nightmare; too many people; too close. I was usually found in my favourite seat in the corner of the library reading about my own subject and of other disciplines. Just like Fyodor Dostoevsky I often thought, “I love mankind but hate people…” {The Brothers Karamazov}.

  7. MftWC 1

    Secret Government Documents confirm C**ID-19 Vaccine roll-out caused Excess Deaths in Australia to increase by 5,162%

    5th pilot collapse in the past 3 weeks

    Young male athletes now developing “turbo” testicular cancer – are C**id “vaccines” to blame?

    How Fauci Used his wife’s NIH Position To Backstop his Pandemic Health Directives

    After calling for a renewed moratorium on gain-of-function research, former CDC Director warns that a “great pandemic is coming”

    High cost of living due to pandemic ushers in another major health emergency

    In other news..

    Studies show high percentages of transgender individuals have debilitating personality disorders, autism

    Ford expected to announce huge losses in EV sales … other automakers are bound to follow suit

  8. There's something amiss with that picture of the pillow fighting couple. Can't put my finger on it but it feels wrong.

  9. 24. Was not me wot commented but to explain the "rough books" - they were to make notes for homework or outline projects and assignments. Made of cheaper, rougher paper than exercise books. They were informal and we could scribble away in pencil unlike exercise books in which a fountain pen had to be used or else!

  10. MftWC 2

    On the eve of battle for South-Eastern Ukraine

    Putin and China just dealt a knockout blow to the west with this move | Redacted News

    The 'Junior Partner' Meme Gives No Insight To Real Changes

    Is it China & Russia against the US in Ukraine? - Judge Napolitano | Scott Ritter

    Re-Shuffling of Powers - China, Russia, US around Ukraine - Judge Napolitano | Tony Shaffer

    UK cruising for "jolly good nuking". Uranium to Ukraine Pushing Russia's Red Lines to the Limit

  11. MftWC 3

    President Trump Republishes Stormy Daniels 2018 Letter Denying Ever Having a Relationship with Donald Trump

    2018 Letter From Michael Cohen’s Lawyer on Stormy Payment States Cohen ‘Used His Own Personal funds,’ and That Trump Did Not Reimburse Him

    Thursday NYC Trump Grand Jury Session Abruptly Cancelled

    Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Lashes Out at House Republicans, Blames Trump For Arrest Rumors as His Case Falters

    “We’ve Created a Special System of Justice for Donald Trump” – Professor Alan Dershowitz

    Trump Campaign Raises $1.5M In Grassroots Contributions After Warning Of Potential Arrest

    “They are Absolutely Terrified” – Kari Lake Releases Statement On New Arizona Supreme Court Ruling, Forcing Trial Court to Look at Signature Verification Fraud

  12. MftWC 4

    DOJ Embedded an FBI Informant Inside the Defense Team of Non-Violent Jan 6 Prisoner and Former US Marine Zachary Rehl

    Jury Acquits Oath Keepers Member On 3 Felony Counts, Mistrial Declared On Last One In Jan 6th Case

    Ray Epps Sends to Letter to Tucker Carlson Demanding Retraction by March 31

    Fed-Surrection Update: Proud Boys Member Ken Lizardo Who Drove Founder Enrique Tarrio to Meeting with Oath Keepers Founder on Jan. 5th Was an FBI Operative

    Bakhmut Falls, Artyomovsk Rises – Strategic and Symbolic City in Eastern Ukraine Fully Encircled by Russian Forces – Kiev Leaves 10k Soldiers Trapped in the ‘Cauldron’

    Is Ukraine On the Verge of Launching A Counter Offensive at Bakhmut?

    Russia Ramps Up for Nuclear Conflict: Says British Shipments of Depleted Uranium Shells to Ukraine Brings “The Nuclear Apocalypse Closer”

  13. MftWC 5

    World Athletics Bans Transgenders (Biological Males) From Competing Against Women at International Events

    Doctors at the Pentagon Claim 7 Year-Olds Can Make Decisions About Taking Puberty Blockers and Hormones

    “Parental Rights End When You Send Your Kids to Public School” – New Mexico Attorney In Training Session to Teachers (Video)

    Australian Banks are Now “Debanking” Independent Journalists Exercising Their Free Speech Rights

    Teenage Boy Suffers Cardiac Arrest and Dies on American Airlines Flight Reportedly Because On-Board Defibrillator Wasn’t Charged

    Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania Work on Legislation to Have More Defibrillator Access in Schools

    ‘Highly Talented, Supremely Fit’ 19-Year-Old Boxing Champion D**s S**denly

  14. #23. Appointment with destiny.
    "Utter gall. " Brilliant pun. Asterix would laugh.

  15. Just heard (southfront):

    "Skinhead Kevin Davide, a former member of the white supremacist “Parti Nationaliste Français et Européen” has been denazified in the Kupyansk front. He is known to be the grandson of Brigitte Macron. Davide was ambushed by Chechen special forces (spetsnaz). He leaves a wife and 2 kids, and a boyfriend. We wish him “bon Voyage” to the infamous “L’enfer de Bandera”."

    1. Link to your source please?

      BM's son is Sebastien Auziere born 1975. He has 2 kids. He has two sisters Laurence and Tiphaine. Laurence was born 1977 and was married until 2021 to Guillaume Jourdan. They have 3 kids. Tiphaine was born 1984. She's married to Antoine Choteau and have 2 kids.

      If "Davide" is a surname then his parents are none of the above. He could've changed it of course.

    2. I was hoping that one of our readers in France would jump in on this PD. The source was a comment at so there's no way to verify it. That's why I started my comment with 'just heard'. I was hoping the comment would draw more information because if true, this would be a big thing, especially given the political climate in France right now. The political party mentioned, I've never heard of.

    3. PD, here's a permalink to the comment by Max Schmidt


    5. Here you go Ripper:

      Partie Nationaliste whatever was dissolved over 20 yrs ago.

      I'm calling BS on Mr Schmidt's comment.