Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday episode

Saw this on Talking Pictures channel (UK - old films and TV) who are running all 4 of the original Maigret series (BBC, early 60s). What a terrific episode, accurately (for once!) summed up by the earlier review, from Sir Obolong Fitzybongs.

A young woman is found murdered, chucked out of a car in a backstreet. Permanently snuffling Insp Lognon (the body was in his district) tries to hide his dislike of playing 2nd fiddle to Maigret, but plods around Paris like a bloodhound, and does find some useful information, before believing a criminal, and rushing off to Brussels on a wild-goose chase!

Maigret and Lucas (who gets a trip to Nice - and flying!) start off with one little clue to the girl's identity, a dress with a label and address in it (the frock had been hired). From there they find out who she was, her address, that she'd come from the South to work (but had recently lost her job), and was a shy lonely girl.

This was all told at a nice pace, for a one hour show, and with some nice comic or human interest touches - Lucas trying to interrogate her mother (who is more interested in Roulette), Maigret sampling some soup being made by a witness, and Lognon coughing and sneezing everywhere he goes. They have to enlist Interpol - to find a couple of witnesses whose wedding the girl had attended - and talk to a senior man at the FBI (whose office looked strangely drab, like all the 'French' ones)!

They discover that her dad was a con-man (by then, was a dead con-man!) in America, and had apparently been trying to contact his daughter. The trail leads to a bar, run by and used by criminals, that had been keeping a letter for the dead girl, with some good news. But - had she ever read it, and who else had tried to take advantage? Finally they get a sort of justice for the victim, but it was due to Maigret's complex gathering of evidence, and his i'views which had gained him essential knowledge of the girl's character. And all told in an hour, a triumph.

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Also please note, from commenter Hugh:

You could buy a full set for £60, "copyright 2021 Georges Simenon".
£1.13 per episode, not much to ask. Restoring films costs money.

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  1. Are you sure this is quite legal?
    You could buy a full set for £60, "copyright 2021 Georges Simenon".
    £1.13 per episode, not much to ask. Restoring films costs money.

    1. JH: If it weren’t, we’d not embed. However, though we’re already driving some traffic to that channel, what I think I’ll do, starting with this one, is to include channel info below for those wanting to purchase. Attribution is a fair request.