Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday [9]

 Afternoon all.

9.  The arrest of the Donald

Firstly, two views from those close to it.

My view is more global ... the globalists in insane control of every western nation now. The idea of course is as stated above but it's also to provoke that revolution they're so desperate for.  They MUST get that civil unrest and murder going in order to bring in the heavy weaponry, round up troublemakers, meaning ordinary, outraged people ... and so on.

There is just the teensiest, remotest possibility that it's actually globo's messianic Donald plan ... you know, where he charges in on the steed and wins the victory For The People, before bringing in globo's real changes.

That last paragraph is the purest fevered imagination and speculation on my part ... nevertheless, bear it in mind three years from now.  Was nutter Higham a total loony ... or did he possibly have something, Mr. Hegel?

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  1. I don't think it's loony to question anyone in politics, especially those in whom we are tempted to trust. Everything is theatre, like Tales of the Unexpected there's always a twist in the tale. All we can do is hope.