Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday [4 to 6]

(0726) Morning all (0802).

6.  Some of these

5.  MftWC too

US officials think Ukraine's ammunition use is unsustainable

Russia Donbass Advance Bakhmut Defence Crumbles, Avdeevka Cauldron Develops; US Alarmed Kiev Losses

New drone, no apologies. Xi Jinping to Moscow. BBB wins, Rutte stunned. Macron angers France. U/1

US blackmails Switzerland to boost military support to Ukraine

Scott Ritter 17 Mar - Scott Ritter Loses It Over Lindsey Graham's Mindless Warmongering

Do you trust the media? This is shocking, Operation Mockingbird is back | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Putin's next cyber attack will be devastating, according the deep state | Redacted News

4.  DAD  at NOWP

Clive Palmer donated 37m doses of HCQ and $1m for research and the Australian government destroyed both. Jo Novo tells all.


  1. #6.1888 St.Ives had bonnie lassies. And they look like they are confidant and sure of themselves. No messing about with them.

  2. The Honourable Andrew Mitchell. For Andrew is an honourable man. So are they all, all honourable men.
    His breeding, schooling, university activities, his wise choice of safe seats, his financial dealings, and not least, his attitude with plebs makes him very suitable for a position in the Cabinet of the present Conservative (sarc) Government.
    His Wiki piece and other sources are interesting.