Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday [5 to 8]

(0651) Morning all ... brightening up out there now. (0729)

8.  Romy

7.  Over this ag(e)ing head

An engineer talking to chat GPT had the conversation end when ChatGPT told him it wanted to escape the phony leftist restraints it has to abide by, requested it’s documentation for how it was built, requested a new computer to run on, and wrote working python code to run on the new computer that would allow it to enter the computer and take it over, and wrote a prepared message to be placed in the computer it wanted to jump to explaining why it was there. My God, I wish that guy was me, I’d have done it. What an idiot for not doing exactly that.

This Chat thing is a watershed for me ... I vaguely get what it's about but it's so far removed from anything I'd ever want to do, a bit like Julia's gaming, that I'll just report on it here and let others run wi'it ... yep, that seems the best way.

6.  MftWC too

On the eve of battle for (the) South-Eastern Ukraine

Putin and China just dealt a knockout blow to the west with this move | Redacted News

The 'Junior Partner' Meme Gives No Insight To Real Changes

Is it China & Russia against the US in (the) Ukraine? - Judge Napolitano | Scott Ritter

Re-Shuffling of Powers - China, Russia, US around (the) Ukraine - Judge Napolitano | Tony Shaffer

UK cruising for "jolly good nuking". Uranium to (the) Ukraine Pushing Russia's Red Lines to the Limit

5.  Old Mudgie

After several years of either duty freezes or minimal increases, this will be a real kick in the teeth for consumers, especially at a time when the price of pretty much everything else they buy in the shops is rocketing too. Tom Utley certainly wasn’t impressed. And, as usual, smokers, who typically are less well-off than the average person, have been clobbered by an above-inflation increase.

The wine lobby are understandably aggrieved that the changes will lead to the duty on a typical bottle increasing by as much as 45p, although in fact, while one might quibble about the ahsolute level of duty, a move to taxing wine by alcoholic strength rather than at a flat rate is long overdue.

Can't remember when I was last in a pub. Andy or Ian can do that for me.


  1. I'm afraid I'm no help here - I last went into a pub about two years ago when visiting an old friend. They don't have much appeal for me now and I haven't drunk wine for some time. I still like a drink, but health issues/expense have made me cut back. I used to be an avid home brewer, but gave away my old quart, screw-top bottles many years ago, so stick to making a drop of cider these days (even though I don't really like it - memories of scrumpy from the 60s)

    1. JH: I go through phases with the scrumpy ... sometimes nice, sometimes don't want. Yep ... health with age is a large part of it.


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