Saturday, March 18, 2023

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My selection for Saturday morn:

There was a time when cleanliness was viewed as “next to godliness.” That clearly has changed. It is now apparently next to white supremacy. While it would be impossible to discuss all of the wacky scholarship being published today, Loyola (Chicago) Professor Jenna Drenten is a standout with a new theory that “cleanliness” is a “cultural gatekeeping mechanism” with “racist,” “sexist” and “classist” roots.

1.  MftWC one

Secret Documents published in May 2022 confirmed C**ID Vaccination was killing Children with figures revealing Vaccinated Kids were a shocking 30,200% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children

Approximately 100,000 US C**id-19 deaths could be attributed to renal failure caused by Remdesivir

US Doctors admit they killed Tens of Thousands of Patients during the “Pandemic” by putting them on Ventilators

Dr Arne Burkhardt Confirms Sperm Has Almost Entirely Been Replaced By Spike Protein

Fauci: C-19 Boosters Will Likely Be ‘Required’ Every Year for Foreseeable Future

There’s No Cure For Washington’s Arrogance

In other news:

Identity Politics will destroy vital medical treatment for women

The Agenda’s “Net Zero” could mean “zero” of anything and everything

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