Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Wednesday [7 to 11]

Post elevenses.

11.  Nicky J's just put up another

... on Twitter but it can't be reduced and still do justice, it can't appear in the sidebar:

Notice the figure top left.  Were I to be asked where's home, I'd show this photo. It's bizarre living over here when my homeland is across the Pennines ... so near and yet so far. But there are also huge pluses over this way which keep me here.

10.  Another roundup

9.  Ian J

re #2: David Craig describes how our 'elites' are aiding the decline:

8.  Steve

The Donald: President Trump's Response to the State of the Union (2 mins)

7.  MftWC too

Military situation in Donbass on February 7, 2023 (Map Update)

Russia Controls One Third Bakhmut, Ukraine Losses Unsustainable, US Arms Deliveries Dwindle

Ukraine Russia War - Beyond the Propaganda w/ Col. Doug Macgregor

New York Times On Ukraine - Real Reporting, Propaganda For Balance, Ominous Warning

Something big is happening in Ukraine and NATO is scared | Redacted with Clayton Morris

'Korean Scenario' For Ukraine. Russia Makes Gains In Seversk. Lenin Body Snatch Attempt


  1. What on earth are our 'elites' playing at? - inviting the corrupt clown zelenski to the UK and promising the earth to support his/their delusions in the Ukraine:

  2. #11. They always spoil it by covering everything with labels, signs, warnings - call it what you will.
    And they do it in Scotland - put a bench seat behind a tree or great bush just so you can admire the leaves.


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