Saturday, February 04, 2023

Saturday [15 till close of play]

Evening all.

17.  If your 'umble blogger went quiet

... it was because of the watching and listening. At 2325, I'm up to Chapter 7 of Peter Wimsey. I don't know the killer or even if there was one. For some reason, were I writing it, I'd make it Mrs. Farren, which is not to say it was.  Anyway, time to listen, no spoilers after it.

Hoping you're having a wunnerful Saturday night.

16.  Steve

War Room snippets...

Devine: Hunter Biden’s Now On The Offensive After Influence Peddling Scheme Becomes (sic) Unhidable

The Murder Of Tyre Nichols Was A Planned Execution By Five Memphis Police Officers

Beattie: D.C.’s Escalation Of Ukraine’s War Efforts Are Directly Destroying Eastern Europeans’ Lives

Rep. Matt Gaetz On Ending America’s Support Of Ukraine’s War Effort, Previews War Power Legislation

15.  Ian J

The situation in Europe according to the Saker:


  1. Evets 3

    Military situation in Bakhmut region on February 4, 2023 (Map Update)

    As Russia Encircles Bakhmut Zelensky No Surrender; US Mulls China Conflict, Rumours to End War

    US DOJ freeze, seize, transfer. Long range weapons aimed at Crimea. China spy balloon in Cyprus. U/1

    $2.1B to Ukraine, long-range HIMARS. Elensky, no retreat. Balloon cancels China trip. U/2

    Oh sh*t, here we go

    Kiev Regime looking for new soldiers among Ukrainian refugees abroad

  2. Evets 4

    Pentagon Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon After It Floated Over US with Biden’s Full Approval (Video)

    Reminder: Japanese Used Balloons to Disseminate Chemical and Biological Weapons in World War II

    Biden Must Have Sanctioned the China Flight Over the US – Per Former RAF and Commercial Pilot

    GOP Reps Push Bill to Ban China from Purchasing Land in the US

    New York Man Leaves Threatening Voicemails For Marjorie Taylor Greene, Daring Her To Charge Him – Is Now Facing Jail

    House GOP Issues First Subpoenas To Merrick Garland (AG) And Christopher Wray (FBI)

    “The FBI Isn’t Hunting Down Public Enemy #1…The FBI’s Become Public Enemy #1” – Chanel Rion on OAN (Video)

  3. One thing we have not been given in the Tyre Nichols case is the background of Tyre - was he a drug lord or a Capone wannabe? I don't think he was as clean as the driven snow for some reason.

  4. Evets 5

    German Investigators Conclude There is no evidence that Russia Is Behind Explosions of Nord Stream Pipelines to Europe

    Trump: “There Are Things You Can Say to Each Side Which Will End This War Immediately”

    Former EcoHealth VP Dr Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA

    Why Is NIH Funding Biolabs Around the World to Study Bat Viruses – Concerned Citizens in Colorado Don’t Want a Lab in Their Back Door

    Project Veritas Confronts YouTube Exec Out on a Morning Walk After Social Media Giant Takes Down PV Video to Protect Pfizer and Big Pharma

    43-Year-Old Tennis Player Dies Suddenly During Match

    Family in Shock After Their Healthy 21-Year-Old Son Dies Suddenly In His Sleep

  5. 17. I'd make it Bunter :D