Saturday, February 04, 2023

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3.  DAD with Jo Nova on cooked data

Jo Nova is on the case. Craig Kelly found the wandering solar panel leaning on a bush near Sydney’s official thermometer, and I (Jo Novo) wrote about what a strange spot that was to leave a solar panel. Then Clarissa Bye of the Daily Telegraph picked up the story and on Jan 25th asked the BoM (Australian Met Office) why the panel was there. After a whole week of missed deadlines, with pleas for extra time, The Daily Telegraph gave up waiting and published the story Wednesday.

2.  Follow the money

This was Deep Throat's dictum to Woodward in All the President's Men but a bit of thought and we'd add "follow immunity from payout" plus "immunity from prosecution" as powerful motivators.

On December 23rd 2022, Melanie and Mark received an email saying a letter had been sent with the medical assessors’ decision. Melanie asked if the decision could be emailed and on December 29th 2022 that email arrived. It said that the medical assessors accepted causation – that the vaccine had caused Mark’s illness – but did not accept that Mark had reached the 60% disablement that is required to be eligible for an award. They only took into consideration Mark’s hand; they didn’t even mention all the medication he needs to prevent seizures, now or in the future, or take into account how Mark’s life has been impacted by fatigue and daily headaches.

It's not one I can cover here now, it needs reading. The implications for govt payout are enormous, as with any disability payment, and this was with admittance of causation.

1.  MftWC one

Evidence suggesting an iatrogenic death spike in England in the spring of 2020 is mounting

The Dam Of Lies Surrounding C**ID Lab Leak Is Breaking

EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower Dr Andrew Huff spills the beans to Mike Adams about DARPA, bioweapons and their ties to Wuhan

EMA Approval of C**ID Vaccine for Children caused a 698% increase in Child Excess Deaths across Europe

‘Truther’ Doctor Ryan Cole Continues to Out Himself [Videos]

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