Monday, February 06, 2023

Monday [14 to 17]

Afternoon all.

17.  Mark Steyn and GB News

16.  And these

15.  Just saw this

14.  PD

a.  “Dozens of giant turbines at Scots windfarms powered by diesel generators"

b.  Thirteen secs video.

"I bet everyone here has heard that when you fold the twenty dollar bill a certain way, you are presented with the images of the Twin Towers on fire.

Note how accurate the representation on the bill is. Not only does it show two equally tall buildings on fire, it is correct down to the point that the destruction happened on each tower."


  1. Worth a gander.

    "The Milley Circus Has Come To Town"

  2. re #17. I wondered what was going on - I have missed Mark Steyns reporting and haven't watched Gnews since. Neil Oliver remains their only interesting presenter, but for how much longer......

    1. I think even Neil Oliver has been persuaded to tone down and be less obvious in his monologues.

  3. #14. Not owned by a certain Spanish company that earned muchos spondulicks for solar panels that produced lovely Green energy at night? The stars shine brightly down there.