Wednesday, February 08, 2023

First morning break

One of the themes on this blog is the female, esp. in relation to the man.  Thought I'd explain my stance and a final request, which is the core aim of this post.

I did believe in half my age plus seven as a fair rule of thumb of eligibility, though I'm now not sure in my case ... I'm now thinking it's more half plus twenty, and moreso for companionship. Also, her marital state is a major factor ... it defines the friendship more than anything and to threaten that I see as anathema. And of course we're talking humans, not SJWs, karens and airheads, the tattooed and otherwise mutilated, the insane.

(I'm running this yt again tomorrow in a post on social media issues, also see today's NOWP.)

So, within the Venn diagram of "good" females, there are the eligible, as just described ... and the ineligible, no matter how much we like one another, i.e. too young, too different in generation and culture. My way of getting around the issue is just to see her as "daughter", problem solved. I'd like to suggest it to any male still with drives and who is not averse to the female.

So, just as it has implications for my own mindset, it also affects our Wimmin posts at N.O. and I do have an issue with them. I don't want to post those in sackcloth or heebeejeebees but at the same time, when I redact the post, the eternal question is daughter type or 'fair to post for her beauty'.  If there's male hypocrisy here, maybe ... but we still have to deal with that.

Why?  Because of the proliferation of real porn online and us men fuelling the trade. Women too by the way, like Maxwell.  Now, as for these two lasses in this post, one I'm posting as it might be of interest to potential vloggers ... the other is straight daughter or student type ... she was my job to promote during my working life ... plus the song itself might interest Ripper.

Final thought ... I do believe every man must sort out in his mind how to discern fair game from ineligible and then stick to it.


  1. The girl in the second vid does an amazingly accurate rendition of the song IMO, played skillfully. I've seen her before during my wanderings on YT but tended to pass her by, opting instead for original recordings. Perhaps I should widen my scope, she is good.

    However, two things, for me are missing in this particular version, good as it is, which make the song itself so important to me. The lyrics - every time I hear the song I get transported back to a happy childhood with a close brother, who is sadly no longer here, and also happened to be a massive Pink Floyd fan. It also reminds me of how the world has changed around us for the worse, being swept up in the system as we became adults. The grass was most definitely greener. The second thing being that amazing guitar solo from Dave Gilmour, though the girl does a fantastic job, she chose to play acoustic which is not the same - it has a sort of "Spanish" undertone rather than that of coming straight from the musician's own emotions. Not bad, just different.

    1. JH: Don't forget I posted the lyrics today. Have them on one tab, her on the other.

    2. Yes I read those as she played the song but I felt that in not singing the lyrics she left something missing. Perhaps the emotional connection between her and the song. I'm biased in that sense anyway, never thought that an instrumental cover was as good. I get a certain enjoyment with some songs, from closing eyes and letting imagination or memories take over. But then, I appreciate her version not being a carbon copy. I will definitely explore more of her stuff in the future.