Sunday, January 29, 2023

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1. “Give the poor man the Queen”

She’s a woman grand master, on tour in Romania, he’s the son of a poor man who dabbles in chess … so the story goes.

There’ve been various youtubes lately in my ‘suggested’ about some girl pranking man after man and then wiping him from the chessboard, crowing about it in the front screenshot.  Very youtubewokish. There were some others as well, along with the Lbeegeebee dross.

This one was quite different.  To me, everyone is at a different stage on their path, as I’m always going on about, increasing knowledge along the way … unless he/she does not progress … and the question is why.

One of my answers is confirmation bias, another factor is arrogance, another desperation to be seen as “really something”.  Think I’ve mentioned before Richie McCaw, NZ rugby player, one of the greatest ever and forever self-effacing, unlike these clowns on youtube. He’s not as good at being MSM fodder though.

Where these other clowns are dangerous, like those WEFers earning brownie points by being as anti-human as they can, is that they’re placed in roles in which they should never be, e.g. Cressida Dick and so we have this westwide incompetocracy, where the placepeople are also godless, with no moral compass, weak, unethical people like Kathleen Hobbs or Gordon Brown … any “leaders” in fact today.

This girl in the video is as arrogant as they come, desperate to be seen as The Master. However, just as we males jump into our Schadenfreude, we should pause and note that she actually did post this video and not her undoubted victories before and after, she took the hit on the chin and no doubt pressed on following this. 

To my mind, she really is a champion if that’s her true attitude, despite the tantrum. If she can break this curse of Eve, the male v female thing and take as it comes, then she has class and would be a valuable ally. Or maybe there’s something I’m missing here.

Further investigation

She’s not as she claims:

Dina Vadimovna Belenkaya is a Russian-Israeli chess player, commentator, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber who holds the title of Woman Grandmaster. She is a four-time St. Petersburg women's champion, and has represented St. Petersburg at the Russian Women's Team Championship and the European Chess Club Cup for Women.

All right … they say they’re sisters.  Where I lived in Russia, both Dina and Asya were more Tatar or Bolgar names.  Her nationality is Israeli. Her ability to move country to country in this day and age raises certain questions.  And what of this?

What’s the sexuality and partnership status of such a person?  Just wondering.

Can’t say she doesn’t leave clues strewn about.  My verdict?  Avoid.

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