Saturday, January 28, 2023

Saturday [16 till close of play]

Evening all.

20.  Calling all Paul Temple aficianados

Always on the lookout, for films to run.  Radio Times:

Radio aficionados will forever think of Peter Coke at the mention of amateur sleuth Paul Temple, while those whose TV memory stretches back to the late 1960s will fondly recall Francis Matthews. However, Francis Durbridge's novelist-cum-troubleshooter had a less lauded movie career, even though the quartet of cases produced at Nettlefold Studios in Walton-on-Thames were no worse than many Hollywood B thrillers of the same period. Anthony Hulme assumes the title role in the first outing, as Temple helps reporter Steve Trent (Joy Shelton) expose the diamond thieves who murdered her cop brother in a Worcestershire tavern. John Argyle directs with a rough proficiency that's matched by some robust performances and the ever-dependable Geoffrey Faithfull's grainy photography. But what's most satisfying is the concealment of the culprit through the numerous twists and red herrings.

Your thoughts please.

19.  Ian J

More on the ukraine (two sources):

18.  Phantom Digger

a.  Who is Behind the Great Food Reset? by James Corbett

"...From cricket powder dumplings and bug burgers to GMOs and glyphosate to bioreactors and designer microbes to nutrigenomics and 3D printed material, the future of "food" is shaping up to be radically different from anything you've eaten before.

But in order to truly do something to derail the runaway train that is the Great Food Reset, we must first understand it. And in order to understand it, we have to know something about the people behind this agenda.

This week, we must answer the question: Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?.."

b.  And, finally, the cheaper forms of rapeseed oil found on supermarket shelves won’t be cold pressed; but a highly refined oil produced in a factory that relies on heat and chemicals to maximise its yield. In this process harmful transfats are also created which have also been linked to many health problems particularly cardiovascular disease. ...

17.  MftWC one

Secret Australian Government Reports prove C**ID Vaccination has caused a shocking 5162% increase in Excess Deaths compared to the year 2020

Governments Can’t Effectively Regulate Vaccines

Truth be Told: Vaccine injured have been left to fend for themselves

Trudeau and Hancock Publicly Confronted (Pfizer’s Bourla Already Had His Turn)

UK C**id-19 booster jab offer is set to end but The Telegraph doesn’t want you to know

16.  Anne Bancroft

I know her mainly from What’s My Line, never having seen a film with her. I never watched The Graduate, partly because of Hoffman whom I don’t like but mainly because the premise seemed off to me.

However, she was born in 1931, The Graduate was 1967. Given what she looked and felt like, I’d not have objected at all. However however, I saw this earlier today:

The one on our left I’d have run a mile. The one on our right, it would depend on how she went about it. Looking back now, she was way out of order, completely. Why would she even bother?

However however however, seeing it through my own 14/15 year old eyes, well I have a story I think I’ve told before. When I was 14, my parents and I had to get back by overnight bus when our car broke down.

I saw two girls on the back seat and thought I needed to be there. I was the initiator, I made the running, I was the one who got through the nearer one’s defences. She was 19, they both were. It’s only looking back now, I see she could have been in trouble for that. I would have totally non-cooperated with the prosecution and joined her defence team if they’d have let me. I still can’t see her guilt … I pulled every trick in the book.

One more … WN1 was six years older than me.  Ok, what am I trying to say?  That it’s ok for a woman? No, both those above were wrong in the pictures. MB, the girl on that bus? I can still only see it through my 14 year old eyes.  And how about the following summer … I was 15, she was 14.  She approached me, though I made the running after that. What were the rules there?


  1. Evets 1

    UK Health Officials know C**ID Injections are useless and dangerous

    A big New Zealand study reveals high rates of kidney injury after the Pfizer jab

    AstraZeneca Consultant alters study to remove obvious signs C**ID Vaccination is causing Dementia

    Cardiologist: Over 7 million Americans may have some form of heart injury due to C**ID-19 vaccines

    Unvaccinated? Here’s Your Very Own ICD Code Courtesy of the WHO

  2. Evets 2

    Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Big Pharma Project Veritas Video

    Memory Holed: Daily Mail and MSN take down their stories covering Project Veritas Pfizer bombshell


    Propaganda & Censorship Dominate the Information War

    Proof UK Government is Deliberately Pushing up Fuel Prices

    Gas and diesel prices expected to increase as crack spread soars

  3. I've seen clips of Hulme as PT and think he did a good job. Francis Matthews was poop. I have the first PT Send for Paul Temple on audio. Overall plot is OK. It was made for Canadian radio and starred Bernard Braden as PT. It was "Am-Dram night down at the Parish Hall" awful but interesting to discover "Steve's" background.

    1. JH: Shall look, just listening to The Sullivan Mystery. Quite like these two.

  4. Evets 3

    Military situation in region of Zaporozhie on January 28, 2023 (Map Update)

    Russia Presses Forward Bakhmut, Vuhledar, Orekhov; Rand Warns US Overinvested in Ukraine

    Ukraine, Tanks & Putin - w/ Scott Ritter

    Maria Zakharova, NATO who are you? Explain. CNN, tank victory for Putin. RAND, avoid long war. U/1

    Q & A: NATO wonder weapons

    Big Serge's Big Serge

  5. Evets 4

    GOP-Led Committees To Subpoena Biden Officials — And Democrats Can’t Stop Them

    New York Times Argues that Classified Documents Are No Big Deal Unless President Trump Is Involved

    Another Twitter Files Drop: Twitter Files Expose Next Great Media Fraud

    Tucker Carlson Calls Out Antifa Protests As Coordinated, Political Propaganda (Video)

    Rep. Cori Bush Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Police Killing of Tyre Nichols, Calls for ‘Civilian Traffic Enforcement’

    Minnesota Democrats Pass Bill to Ban Coal, Oil and Gas in One of Nation’s Coldest States – As Biden Bans Mining in State’s Iron Range

    Russia Issues Urgent Nuclear War Warning as Doomsday Clock Moves Closest Ever to Midnight, Prompting WHO to Urge Countries to Stockpile Medicines for “Nuclear Emergencies”

  6. Evets 5

    Dr Peter McCullough On What Goes Into His “Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula”

    YouTube Removed Project Veritas’ Bombshell Pfizer Video, So Rumble Put it on Its Front Page

    Pfizer Quietly Releases Statement in Response to Bombshell Project Veritas Video

    “This Is Scary!” – Dr Naomi Wolf Warns that Pfizer Is Performing Gain of Function Viral Research and Admitted It in Their Latest Statement (Video)

    Algerian Football Player Drops Dead During the ‘African Nations Championship’ Match (Video)

    19-Year-Old WSU Student Found Dead in His Dorm – No Evidence of Foul Play Involved

  7. Depressing isn't it!

    1. Here it is archived for posterity and without the paywall.

      "Pride flag on altar of ‘church of woke’ triggers almighty court battle
      Senior clergy to settle row over banner on St Nicholas, Leicester as objectors claim its move ‘will bring the church into disrepute’ "

    2. Sorry, forgot paywall. I just hit reload then hit the cross to stop loading to prevent the block appearing. Sometimes takes a couple of goes but it's become automatic if there is a Telegraph article I want to see.

    3. To remove a paywall, use 12 foot ladder. Either go to their site and paste in the url of your article, or prefix the url with< your url >

    4. I do for articles and it's excellent if the reload/stop doesn't want to work. But if you go to the site using 12ft you often don't get the most up to date site.