Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A bit of light relief halfway through the British night

Consider certain things, not in isolation but as a collection of filed snippets over the almost two decades past.  For example:

PD adds:

Egypt to join BRICS 


Throw in this via PD on western nations:

Wakey wakey! "Open consultation Consultation on draft legislation to support identity verification Published 4 January 2023 "What data will be processed? 

Public authorities will process the minimum number of data items, known as attributes, necessary for verifying the identity of an individual. 

Examples of attributes include: user’s full name; date of birth; home address; email address; photographic images; various identifiers such as passport number or driving licence number; attributes held by government departments necessary for verifying the identity of an individual; the outcome of identity checks previously performed on a user; and transactional data, for example, income" 


In other words, in line with China in China, the new communism in Brazil, India and so on.

Now an old post at N.O., which was updated at NODC (now defunct and the main version of this blog 2009 to 2020), a post on the Silk Road and about dams in Iraq etc.:
I’ve just been scrolling through various links within links above … a navigational nightmare when it involves the N.O. “sub-blogs” from 2006/7 but the key points were:

#  Chinese buildup worldwide and recent events mean looking at western Canada, the various ports around the world in Chinese hands, the infiltration of Chinese, from Fang Fang to Biden and the Ukraine to Chinese courts of justice in the west, alongside sharia courts, the clearing of the land route China-Israel, via detours through treaties to the vastly increased presence of Chinese names in everything, not forgetting land acquisition and finally the meaning of this blog’s name from the start. Long time reader Wolfie was constantly urging me to expand the China-watch part of the blog.

#  Who else are major players?  Islam and the Jews (kabbalah etc.), plus the illumined/masonry, no? Plus the entire paedo-cabal overall, the Infiltrating and controlling influence in every aspect of the west now.  Way too many posts to list in this post here. Aum Shinrikyo are also not to be forgotten.

#  The constant need felt by the superpowers to snuff out a supposedly minor religion on its knees … Christianity … which Marx described as a “superstition”.  Marxists and fellow travellers humanists, rationalists, all these, climbing onboard. The “peace movement”, Gaia, Net Zero, Wokery itself … all confederated agin individual freedom.

#  Biblical eschatology is quite interesting in the context of all the foregoing.  Many posts here and on the old blogs have made reference to the need for any biblical eastern army of some 200m needing to cross the Tigris and Euphrates in order to reach their destination which is not just Europe but a swing south-west to Israel and the Med. In order to reach the Med, it must pass a hill called Megiddo and gather in the Jezreel Valley. Almost “beside” this gathering area, to the south, is a town called Jerusalem.  Incidentally, why would the US embassy move to Jerusalem?  Which President signed off on that? Anyone heard of Javanka by the way?

#  My suggestion is that in order to understand biblical eschatology, one needs to ignore people like me or stupid Woke cherry-picking of the bible and look instead at deeply au fait sources such as Arnold Murray or Macarthur who list the tie-ins between old and new testament references, as well as dispelling false collating.  That’s half a life’s work in itself and I’ve so far just dabbled.

Purpose of this post this night? To open eyes to all that a budding political pundit needs to consider in order to start to understand the complexity of world events, past, present and future and how they silently tie-in.

This is a very ancient war, dear reader.  Of course, if we want to go the whole hog left-field (Chris Everard):

The so called 'Speriglio document' was published in a book called 'The Marilyn Conspiracy and Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe'The Speriglio document claims that newspaper columnist Dorothy Kilgallen received word that JFK took Marilyn Monroe to a desert base "for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space".

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