Thursday, December 01, 2022

Pre-Friday [1]

Let’s just bring this one fwd, via one of PD’s manifestations:

Lawyer Nick Gravante called Trump in the middle of the Kanye dinner to tell him it was a setup. Ye texted him accidentally and Gravante called Trump to warn him it was a setup.
The Donald has this overwhelming need to be loved … seriously, I don’t give a monkeys about being loved as a be all and end all … as there’s plenty about for all of us if we do right.  Respect though is far harder and bona fides need working on 14/7.  We get set up all the time, either dissidents in general or occasionally me.

In the scheme of things, we’re but cogs, whereas the Donald’s in the crosshairs, surrounded by vipers and slithy toves.  He simply trusts too much.  I trust too little, methinks many of us have had trust knocked out of us of late.  Sometimes we have to relearn it, graft it back on.

Donald, how is a NYC white liberal at heart really going to be loved by a ghetto black rap artist or a slapper called K?  Get real, man.


Saw this in passing just now:

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