Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wednesday [9 to 12]

Afternoon all.

12.  In passing

11.  Last Refuge

10.  It droppeth from heaven

Ukraine is about to be annihilated - Douglas Macgregor

Ukraine & Fake News

NATO faces General Winter, the Russian God of War!

Russia Advances, Marinka & Vuhledar, Growing Criticism of Zelensky, Protests East Germany, Austria

New US B61-12 Nuclear Bombs Deployed in Europe: What Will Russia Do? “Much Worse than the Cold War”

Will Lavrov Visit Poland (OSCE Summit)? Unintended Espionage, New Law? Why are they buying gold?

9.  Were you to go back for now

… to this nocturnal post … and were you to start the third high energy, high fun number where everyone’s thoroughly enjoying themselves … the eagle-eyed who also know our jazz posts would notice, at the 28 second mark, a certain well known cornetist dancing on the dancefloor.  

Plus it’s been said before. :)

Another band who do that sort of thing is/are The Mavericks.  Personally, I love em … there’s far too little good, clean, high energy, danceable music around now … should be more.

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