Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wednesday [5 to 8]

Morning all (1052).

8.  Some more

7.  A nice variation on heading for the (Welsh) hills

As for myself, there’s the most ginormous fuel dump across the Pennines up this way and here’s the thing … though it’s ground zero to the most ginormous explosion you’ll (never) see, the view from there is would be stunning … so … up to the point you departed this earth, it would be really rather pleasant with your bottle of Drambuie or Irish Mist, gazing out over Blighty Norf, nibbling on sausage rolls and sweetmeats.

6.  Drop too

A Shot in the Dark - C**ID-19 Vaccines Documentary

America’s Biggest Criminal Drug Dealers Go Free and Continue to Push Their Drugs that Destroy Lives

How Ireland’s National Broadcaster RTE Used Children on the Late Late Toy Show During Covid 2 Years Ago On 27/11/2020

You must obey, or you’re going nowhere

Lockdown Policies Are Alive and Well in the Globalist Assault Playbook

5.  Hoodie arrived

… slots into the sartorial mix:


  1. 7. Living in the South East, if the balloon went up, I would have no chance of escaping ground zero due to all the roads being blocked by bus and cycle lanes. My solution would be to try and find a wall which may still be standing after the blast, and stand in front of it in a really stupid pose, leaving future scientists trying to figure out what sort of creature lived there. Why not?

    1. I'm pretty close to London and there are a few juicy targets nearby on the Herts/Bucks border - stately homes but rather symbolic. Rather than throw in the towel I would try to survive just long enough to get some retribution in, however futile.

  2. While we are all distracted by US goings-on, the UK govt carries on as usual (i'e' doing nothing but generate hot air);

  3. There is (was?) another fuel dump in Bedfordshire, between Potton and Sandy when I lived there in early 1960s.