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Exclusive: Sunak on waiting lists, migrants, NHS and taking the knee

By Alexander McKibbin on Nov 23, 2022 01:16 am

This taking the knee bollox means I’m not following it in the least.  Is it still Southgate, the prat?

2.  Incoming, incoming

World Premiere: D**d Su**enly

The C**ID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury - Interview with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.

Africa is only 6 per cent vaccinated, and c**id has practically disappeared... scientists "baffled"

Demographic Winter: Male Fertility Plunges 62 per cent Worldwide and Is Still Accelerating

MSM Logic / Hugo Talks

1.  This opens with DAD writing

Some very wise words from the Baron today.

I liked this comment...

curtis davis on November 22, 2022 at 11:35 pm said:

Great article, I hate to say it but I’ve come to the same conclusion. Its like the the old saying its like watching a slow motion train wreak but worse, because were on the train.

What am I to say in response, given my stance and how long it's been held for, around 21 years and a bit?  

At least, though I certainly tumbled to it and stumbled upon it in 2001, coinciding with my first connection to the internet, in Russia of all places, and it was reinforced by the gulf war and some predictions I made, plus there had been 911 and the WTC7 issues since a day or two after the event ... even though all that was so, it's not true that I immediately tumbled to the pollies, to the Party Game ... that every last one of them is initiated into the cushy 'no boats rocked' and are on the gravy train ... I knew of but did not finally understand until Farage's sell-out to the Tories during TBP time.

The plane crash I'm still lineball on, the South Thanet result was just as the US elections are and Farage was our Trump.  In 2007, I was still advocating a non-elected, hereditary Lords but that was the year I tumbled to pig-loving, Chatham House controlled Call Me Dave, plus Facebook/DARPA was exposed around then ... and so it went on.

It was also when I stumbled upon Svali, the Belgian paedo trials ... not just Dutroux but the royals involved ... the Alisha Owen and Abu Ghraib and Manchurians and it all unfolded, whilst at the same time, there were moves afoot on the net to censor us ... remember the No2ID campaign online here?  The other day I ran some of it from archives ... now is a receptive time to such realities, pre-2014 was not.  When I ran that the other day, there was no Svali quoted.

What occurs is a broadening context in the truly 'investigatory' mind, as more and more comes through, more broadly, until it meets, coming in the other direction, the Q code mark of the beast and maniacal blanket suppression.  

Thus the means by which sources once came through is now increasingly closed by the very system which itself took awhile to wake up ... hence the genie was out and we knew what to start looking for, distrusting anything human from above.

People such as the Baron, Dymphna and even lil ole me are essentially being shown this truism by the High Priests of the other side ... for what to know, when the normies everywhere, even those ideologically online with us, simply cannot and will not see (as in wilfulness)? With so many stubbornly adopting a 'you've not convinced me' line, as if you're even there to be convinced by me at all, led me to alter N.O.'s prime directive to 'you can lead a horse to water ... and by the way ... here's the water, take it or leave it'.  We find what we find, we evaluate, correct, tweak.

That's why I couldna have been bothered arguing the OoL piece on Russia with the trolls and those who simply refuse to look.  Perfect example is my Ukro-Russian mate whose reality on events comes out of Zelensky's morning bulletins.  

The other day, I went back into Twitter and there was an erstwhile MAGA with a Ukro flag symbol, as if that is a symbol of solidarity ... with whom though?  With the puppets?  With Azov battalion?  With NATO/CIA? 

Do you see my Russian flag anywhere?

I dropped some urls from our diggings on this blue yellow keyboard warrior from ... she insta-blocked me.  There it is.  I'll just not bother with what is becoming increasingly precious time.  

On the other hand, I shall start trickling our diggings through my own timeline, take it or leave it.

Is it worth it?  Any of this?

I think so, which is why our archives are being removed, even as I write now ... I'm watching them being removed behind the scenes.  Which is why I wrote that there's a definite time factor involved ... you need to archive something quickly, even if you're not sure it's quite fact yet ... delete it in the fullness of time.  But at least you have it there for later reference.  Oh ... and in multiple locations too, folks.

Am I despondent that someone is still trying to cleverly score points over Jesus of Nazareth at N.O.?  I just sigh and think that an otherwise intelligent person ... well, never mind, JofN can take it up with him in his own good time, I'm not bothering, not my battle.

How far does a basic belief, as any other kid of my era had as he furiously rode his bicycle far and wide, grazed his knee etc. ... how far did that help me tumble to things more quickly than your average bear?  Well it certainly heightened my awareness of evil at work, in so many specific ways ... there was so obviously a hand behind it ... and as the counter-Entity was also understood via the gospel which people at least paid lip service to for centuries, whilst seeing that High Church and Good were two entirely different things ... then came a Damascene moment for me at 12.

That's it.  Even after that, I was still a little terror ... it's taken me I'm not going to tell you how many decades to slowly see what's what.  And am still getting it wrong, then getting nudged back to small truths in all sorts of ways.  But to answer my own question ... yes, it most certainly helped that society had laid that basic groundwork ... something Gen Z today do not have, as no one's teaching it anymore ... hence the emboldening of evil ... hence the stabbing of four students in Moscow, Idaho and all the other atrocities and disrespect.

Night follows day, chaps and chapesses.  In fact, that infamous word so bandied about by the goodless (sic) hierarchy ... Enlightenment ... hijacked, the perverted meaning touted late C18th onwards by the High Officers of the Intelligentsia and Academia, bumbling fools ... that word "Enlightenment" is abused today ... it leads, far from some heightened state of knowledge ... it leads straight to Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley and the Alinsky brood. But there's no explaining that to the Kant-loving Ignorati, is there?  CS Lewis is the butt of jokes to that lot.

Me nasty man?  Maybe.  No one likes his/her shibboleths attacked, especially those revered since early adulthood ... look at Islington Corbyn for a start, Bernie Sanders ... and so there it is.  

The only possible way to reverse all of this is never going to come from some manmade organisation.  It might just come from a solid front by what was once called "western" society, at least to counter the invasion of the infidels, hellbent on wiping us out ... and I do not refer just to the death cult here but to Them themselves.  

If you see the latter embodied in the WEF, fine, you're not wrong.  If in the CFR, TLC, Masons, Shriners ... fine, again not wrong.  Like the bought pollies, they all serve the same master behind the scenes.

Which master?  Well look at a Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones or Black Sabbath clip ... they'll tell you, openly today.

Where does all the foregoing print get us, the N.O. patrons?  Probably nowhere ... we're all set in our prejudices by now.  Just talking out loud, that's all.

Have a good hump day, y'all.  I bought some nice filter coffee.


  1. Steve

    1. Re: Baron Bodessey

    'The exception to the rigging is, of course, Florida, which passed laws to protect the voting process from being manipulated the way it is everywhere else. As a result, Florida experienced the “red wave” that was supposed to sweep the entire country. Republicans did very well, with Ron DeSantis riding the crest of the wave.'

    One of Mark Steyn's guests brought this up on GB News last night, Dominique Samuels she was, 45 mins 13 secs in:

  2. 1. James, my first internet eye-opener was during the days of the user groups. Alt binary this and alt binary that. I stumbled across so-called Arkancide lists which set me off exploring. Like you I have learned more and disappeared down rabbit holes in the intervening years. Finding places like this are heaven sent for me.

    1. JH: It's what we're here for, Andy. You make it worthwhile too.