Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday [19 till close of play]

Evening all.

24.  Similar theme

Microdave says:

I should know who this is:


And, I've just sat through Stew Peters "Died Suddenly", which I downloaded from Rumble …

… and at that point I draw the line … be warned it is in comments.

23.  Sometimes a rant comes along

… such as this I saw just now. Context … I’d just been bopping away at The Pony, the Mashed Potato, all the silly dances and in a good mood, checked into soc-med to see what fun there was:

When you find yourself having to change the channel repeatedly, jump around the board, just to avoid AIDS prescription medication commercials containing gay porn, it's time to just throw the entire TV away.

It's gotten SO ridiculous.
I can't believe I ever defended these people.

Conservatives said there would come a day when these people would come for your kids, when they'd be just so 'in your face' with it and I stupidly believed they would not.

Drag Queen Story Hour in public schools, teaching children a bunch of non-existent genders, demanding you glorify them or you're a "bigot" is a clear indication that we never should have trusted them to begin with.

It should have been clear to us, the moment they decided to block traffic and disrupt everyone's day, just to shout at everyone from atop a parade float, their sexual preference.

I'm beyond sick of this.

That’s why, after my tele was stolen, I never bothered getting one again.  For what to get that bilge for?  And all that mentioned in the rant … what total sickos, how dare they think we’re remotely interested in their perversions.

Rant over, I scrolled down to see what else there was.  Must be something happening in America:

22.  Evets


21.  This is the one referred to by Ian


20.  Moscow … but not the one you’d think of

Peter Quennell has written, ggl did not like it, I went to his site:

This is further information:

It revolves around Greek life or fraternities and sororities.  Now, I know certain sorority girls and they would hotly dispute this but the thing is arcane, like a cult.  Over here, it is Bollinger (sic), over there, there are societies within the society.  Like Masons, the blue levels are charitable, friendly, but get into the upper levels and the true nature emerges.  The quaint ceremonies seem quaint, no one seems to question them.

The thing about Knox and the boy was it had all the hallmarks of ritual … many little stabs and Berlusconi involving himself was quite unnecessary.  He and his American equivalent had some deal.  And note the Seattle connection.

When I wrote all that years ago, I said and still say all three were involved but believe there were others too.  We’ll never know.  At least some people have picked up the “targetted” aspect.


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  7. Time for some good news for breakfast fans. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/11/22/danish-crown-build-100m-gammon-plant-uk-despite-brexit-red-tape/