Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday [7 to 9]

Almost afternoon all.

9. More of the backlog

8.  MftWC 2

Putting an End to Volodymyr Zelensky’s Follies

AP reporter fired for Poland missile story. NATO mission creep. 2 million migrants to EU. U/1

Kiev Continues to Commit War Crimes Against Russians

Scott Ritter: The Back Channel

Is NATO falling apart?

Other stuff:

JFK Assassination Truth Bombs

Robot Rishi / NHS / The Great Trap / Hugo Talks

Sweden cancels residential permits of 300,000 migrants

7.  Housekeeping

As mooted yesterday I think it was, I need to spread out the work intensive posts to one per day, over seven days.  I don’t count our political posts … they’re the daily bread and butter, nor are included th8ngs like the Netherlands or Tom Scott type posts, the knitting … they’re pretty simple to load.

The ones which really take up the prepping hours are the two films (because the range is now highly restricted by youtube and bitchute … I do have Saturday’s though already), also the two “wimmin” posts because though there is endless material, “good” examples are like hen’s teeth.

Jazz is becoming difficult on Sunday as the supply runs out before endlessly repeating and thus, as DM pointed out, some have been less than whelming.  However, one perseveres.  Same story of endless number of songs, about 5% worth posting.

Classical music … seems to have but one viewer/listener here … DAD … and even one who likes it deserves a post.  He, as with me, likes baroque and earlier.

My own popular music/blues?  As and when, people, as and when, nothing regular.  How about features involving our area of expertise?  Yes but currently disorganised.

So … where’s this going?  Well, thinking out loud … were I to run classical on Sunday morn, jazz Sunday evening, that sounds reasonable.  Now, quiz or wimmin on Monday?  Can’t do both.  Not if I’m to do them justice.  Ian’s the quiz chap, plus other responders.  Monday or Tuesday?  That also affects Thursday or Friday.

Well I need to decide now, 1130 on Thurs, as the timeslot is coming up.


  1. Reading this, anyone would think there were sinister interests behind all the 'accidents' and refinery closures of the past few years:

  2. Why so little attention paid to the potential microbiological problems of 'meat replacements'? Leggie has the background knowledge to flag a warning: