Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday [14 till close of play]

Evening all.

22.  Slight change of plan

Hadn't realised it was this far out in the open now.  Thought it was going to be a bit by bit thing:

21.  There's a comment here

... on this:

... if you can spare a few minutes.

20.  Nice things happen

... at NOWP.

19.  Evets has a challenger

The vast majority of spam comments at N.O. are now by yours truly, eclipsing Evets for the first time. Nothing if not entertaining.

18.  Ian J

Why I try to cook from scratch as much as possible:

17.  Via Microdave

... the Thanksgiving memes are out in force:

16.  The only thing these monsters understand

... is brute force, the big stick and moral bankruptcy:

The most nauseating part is that they claim it's to uphold the rule of law.  I saw a report from Brazil saying the army is waiting for Bolsonaro to give the word.

You understand, of course, the Pandora's box that that is.  He gives the word, the army don't move, as its brass doesn't command it, Bolsanaro then, as a seditious insurgent, is arrested and executed, the army now takes over.

In the streets ... another Tiananmen Square, another Kent State, another Ashli Babbitt.

15.  Steve

War Room snippet...

Dr Malone Reacts to Release of More Fauci Emails Proving Collusion to Cover-Up Of C**ID-19 Origins, True Vaccine Effects

14.  There are some topics of note at t'other place

One of them I'll not bring back over here for now but it really does need noting and certain of us have been hammering at this since the Podesta "art" and others of us have not posted it openly in all its horror.

The reason is that it will disappear.  I don't mean in the sense that the issue will end ... quite the opposite. It will drop back to arcane for us, not so for the victims.

This is is what humanity is up against.  Naturally, the Christians on social media have been speaking of spiritual warfare ... now they're increasingly being joined by the non-religious who see strange signs and wonders poised.


  1. UPF is at least as much a social classification as a scientific one. It means "what deplorable people eat".

  2. Evets 1

    My journey to Anti-Vax - by Cherry Hughes

    Pro-C**ID Vaccine Authorities Continue to Die or Become Disabled

    FDA Documents Confirm Pfizer’s 2021 mRNA Vaccine Lots Had Different Formulations Based on Lot#

    COVID-19 vaccines are the main cause of excess mortality around the world, Edward Dowd tells Mike Adams

    Researchers tell ONS “Your Data on Vaccine Mortality is Flawed” & demand Public Withdrawal of Dataset

    Siding with the enemy: the GMC in disgrace. War on humanity update

    US Government Report Recommends Return of Mask Mandates and Social Distancing

    New Fauci emails show Christian Drosten, other Corona astrologers debating whether and how to address the laboratory origins hypothesis

  3. Evets 2

    EU Parliament 'idiocy.' Power outages in Ukraine & Moldova. EU oil price cap idiocy. U/1

    EU Parliament Hit by Pro-Kremlin Cyberattack After Russian Terror Designation

    Scott Ritter: The Akhmat factor | On the frontlines | Interview with Chechen Spetsnaz commander

    Fighting For Justice and The DPR

    No British journalist has tried to go to Donbas to file on the other side of the war - George Galloway

    Zelensky trapped by Moscow and Washington

    All Western Attempts to Isolate Russia at G20 Failed

  4. Evets 3

    Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project

    Mortal Enemy of Truth-Telling (The self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, has been featuring state-approved fake news over the real thing since the mid-19th century.)

    How US Blackmails Other Countries – Explained by German Diplomat

    How America treats returning soldiers - UK Column News

    Letter to the Editor: Nefarious Actors Have Hijacked International Appeal to Halt 5G Rollout

    EU Says ‘Heating Your Home’ Is A Crime

    Migrant Crisis: Hotel owners refused offer to house refugees

  5. 24. Evidence. The who's who at the top of the hit list.

  6. Evets 4

    Scumbag RINO Govenor Doug Ducey Ignores Voter Disenfranchisement, Congratulates Katie Hobbs on “Victory in a Hard-Fought Race” In Rigged Election

    Hillary Attorney Marc Elias Joins Katie Hobbs in Arizona and Threatens to Sue County for Not Certifying (Uncertifiable) Results

    Lisa Murkowski Wins Alaska Senate Race, Defeats Trump-Backed Challenger Kelly Tshibaka – Election Decided by Ranked-Choice Voting

    Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola Wins Reelection in Alaska, Defeats Sarah Palin – Election Decided by Ranked-Choice Voting

    27 Absentee Ballots Found In New Hampshire House Race Decided By 15 Votes

    Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates Contempt Charges Against True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips

  7. Evets 5

    Elon Musk Says He’ll Make Public Internal Twitter Discussions About Decision to Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story

    Communist Judge Refuses to Examine Fraud, Wants to Fine Bolonaro’s Party and Freeze Funds

    ‘Smart Cities’ Worldwide Being Converted Into ‘Open Concentration Camps,’ Says Ex-Silicon Valley Engineer Turned Whistle-blower

    St. Louis County Public Library Doesn’t Want to Put Limits on Porn for Kids

    Archbishop Vigano Shares His Message with Medical Doctors for C**ID Ethics International

    Top Virologist and Member of FDA Advisory Panel Who Voted For C**ID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Dies Suddenly from a Brief Unknown Illness