Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday [7 to 10]

Afternoon all.

10.  Plan view

9.  In the light of Victoria and other topics

8.  The Phantom

"The fight for narrative supremacy is on Twitter. Anticipating the restoration of equal (enough) rights of access to the public square"

"AZ round up"

7.  A lady named Helen, via Amfortas

This documentary on the number of people suddenly dying is scary but it needs to be seen by everyone. ‘Died Suddenly’ must be resonating with a lot of people, because it’s had almost 9 million views on one platform in less than a week.


  1. IAP is always a good read - this one on globalist govts lives up to his std:

  2. It's nojust war in Ukraine that upsets the Globalists about Putin:

  3. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    Darren Beattie: Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX Was (a) "Money Laundering Operation" Within The "Clinton-Underworld Democrat Machine"

    Natalie Winters: FTX Funded $27 Million PAC Led by Democrat Campaign Consultant in Arizona Who Supported Katie Hobbs

    Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands an Audit of Every Penny of American Money That Was Sent to Ukraine

    Matthew Tyrmand: The Brazilian Military Stands with Bolsonaro and Is Prepared to Invoke Article 142 After the Court’s Complete Disregard of Their Constitution

  4. #7: I know Helen, personally. A fine lady not given to hysteria. She attends my Church ( a Trad Latin Catholic one) and is doing her personal best to reverse the trend of reducing Humanity. Over the years I have watched her growing family thrive and multiply.

    I am a bit of a 'loner' m'self, but get great comfort and connection from the people with whom I attend Holy Mass. The lunch room after Mass rings to the sound of kiddies running around and Good adults talking of the world.

    This video, of course, is heavily suppressed by the zozchial Media, which some may take as a confirmation of its meaningfulness. I do not usually 'forward' such long videos to people, but make this an exception. Highly recommended.