Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday [19 to 21]

Afternoon all. Been thinking ... I know ... dangerous, dangerous. Anyway, working myself into a corner here ... with the Wimmin too early and only a certain amount of politics we can do a day, I need something late afternoon, apart from a single malt.

So, I'll bring tomorrow's short, single-question quiz fwd and do a more regular quiz tomorrow.

21.  Just on Gab now

Have you noticed Its been 48 hours since a bunch of people in China were burned to death inside their homes because of CCP's draconian lockdowns and not a single mainstream or woke corporation that virtue signaled by leaving Twitter has boycotted China or even said a word against these horrendous atrocities.

20.  DAD

e) List of 50 giant companies who stopped advertising on twitter… {Avoid them!}

f) Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT.....

"mRNA turns into DNA in 6 hours"

[JH: Worth a visit to NOWP.]

19.  Breeze from the West

Putin Russia to Achieve All Objectives, Lavrov Kiev Regime to Fall; Merkel Sorry No Minsk 3.0

EU sanctions package 9. Russian oil price cap delays. UK MOD, keep pressure on Russia. U/1

German military preparing for potential war with Russia, leaked internal report reveals

Russian Military Poised to Completely Crush Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky’s Nazi Regime to be Removed from Kiev

Levels of poverty in Poland and (while) Polish PM, Morawiecki, is visiting Kiev


  1. 21. Probably because most of them wouldn't dare say a word against China as all of their products rely on cheap Chinese labour.

  2. Steve

    20. (f)

    Reverse transcriptase. If you be jabbed, then you ain't the same person your mother gave birth to. You're marked for life.


    Jack Posobiec: Tiananmen Square-Sized Protests Against the CCP's Zero COVID Policy Sweep China

  3. JH: Another comment just came in about Elon, with no moniker. I have to say it over and over … with no moniker, it doesn’t go through … sorry. I’m bound that way.

  4. Woodsy42 I sent a link involving Monica L and Twitter but my screen says I am commenting as me on my Google account


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