Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday [6 and 7]

Morning all.

7.  This morning’s crop

Lessons learned eh?  Even learnt?  The naivety is staggering … or the chutzpah.

6.  Evets 2

EU Parliament 'idiocy.' Power outages in Ukraine & Moldova. EU oil price cap idiocy. U/1

EU Parliament Hit by Pro-Kremlin Cyberattack After Russian Terror Designation

Scott Ritter: The Akhmat factor | On the frontlines | Interview with Chechen Spetsnaz commander

Fighting For Justice and The DPR

No British journalist has tried to go to Donbas to file on the other side of the war - George Galloway

Zelensky trapped by Moscow and Washington

All Western Attempts to Isolate Russia at G20 Failed

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