Friday, November 25, 2022

Friday [2 to 5]

Still dark at 0542.

5.  DAD


a) Can you understand how someone can write this?

b) Update on Brazil.

c) Elon Musk just announced Twitter will grant Mass Amnesty to suspended accounts next week.

d) 'THE PARISIAN'. Three investigating judges are investigating suspicions of illegal financing of Emmanuel Macron's victorious campaign in 2017. In the background, the relations between the Head of State and his entourage with the American firm McKinsey and the conditions of award of public contracts.

4.  The main Thanksgiving issue

Quite like that … yes, what exactly do families do?  Mom and grandmama have put together a wonderful meal, father carves, everyone’s at the table, the least they can do is shut up about “politics” but some smartarse son-in-law perhaps has to make a quip about he wonders what Orange Man will be eating - burgers?  And it’s on for young and old.

This is where I’m at my worst.  Though loyalty to mom and grandmama says I must stay seated there, just for their sake, I would definitely say something like, “If you don’t shut it, paedo lover, I’m going to have to depart, you grinning Woke imbecile.  I bet you were stupid enough to get the clotshot too.”

Something like that.  In fact, it was so bad one Christmas that I told my mum and stepdad well ahead of time, both excellent people they were, that I’d not be there for the grand family lunch earlier in the day but would be back late afternoon for supper.  Meanwhile, I was on some around-France tour or whatever for a week, due to return at that stipulated time.

3.  It’s dawning on me 

… that, even in the bad days of Twitter, the movers and shakers were still addressing the hard issues in detail, moreso than at Gab.  I’m loyal to Gab but there’s a bit too much “in family”, important yes, reaffirming to one another, but not as much “out there”, “in yer face” and I’m more for boundary riding myself, more for the cutting edge.  I’d imagine Telegram would be good, some of the substacks are.

If Musk has done nowt else, he’s allowed this sort of thing again:

2.  Evets 1

My journey to Anti-Vax - by Cherry Hughes

Pro-C**ID Vaccine Authorities Continue to Die or Become Disabled

FDA Documents Confirm Pfizer’s 2021 mRNA Vaccine Lots Had Different Formulations Based on Lot#

COVID-19 vaccines are the main cause of excess mortality around the world, Edward Dowd tells Mike Adams

Researchers tell ONS “Your Data on Vaccine Mortality is Flawed” & demand Public Withdrawal of Dataset

Siding with the enemy: the GMC in disgrace. War on humanity update

US Government Report Recommends Return of Mask Mandates and Social Distancing

New Fauci emails show Christian Drosten, other Corona astrologers debating whether and how to address the laboratory origins hypothesis

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