Friday, November 25, 2022

Black Friday [1]

It would take the wisdom of Job to sort this one, matey.  Or the wisdom of God. I’m going to tackle this in “real time”, rather than present a constructed journo or academic article.

Woke up, literally, did whatever, checked emails, youtube and Gab and wham … suddenly, there was this:

Right, as a generalist who gathers and puts together a blog, I see the incoming but there’s just too bleedin’ much of it, esp. given my age and not being 100% well, to be expected in this situation.  So, still thinking about knitting, there’s IYE at NOWP and it’s sickening, nauseating.  Then I saw the Wyatt gab and posted it last thing last night.

So there’s that to bloodhoubd … the paedo thing, plus this clots thing where all major players are sniping at each other, plus Lake and Murkowski and the rank cheating, p,us Biden’s secret oil move (yet to break), plus domestic things here demanding time. All this is just to point out that the situation facing a generalist admin is that he can’t devote the proper time to any topic … and ge should, in order to avoid the glib, trite and journalistic.

So, for now, this Dr. Joe, Steve Kirsch, John Looney, Robert Malone thing, something Dr. Joe said strikes a chord, rings a bell.

From the get-go, he’s getting stuck into Stew Peters but he also writes:
But unfortunately it tainted that and other good information (such as presented by Dr. Ryan Cole, Steve Kirsch and Dr. James Thorp) by covering it with a lot of garbage.
Uh huh.  So he’s praising SK and damning SP, yet Steve Kirsch himself (url one more time) now writes:

Then you can read the rebuttal I just got from Ryan Cole, MD and decide for yourself who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting  the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.
Now, in this matter, I am Joe Public.  How the hell can I suddenly become (whatever those big words are) in the medical field and yet there’s sufficient functioning brain in my head to see the anomaly of Dr. Josh attacking Stew P who is presenting the Steve K supported line about these clot shots being abnormal.

Sounds like a whole lot of confusion and confounding going on on the dissident side and who’s rubbing the hands gleefully and chuckling at it all?

Why … Fauci, the depts like CDC etc., the Pepfar Pence boys and gals, the Demrats, anyone supporting this whole Covid narrative … Klaus and all of them are adoring all this.  What is happening here is that a whole lot of hotheaded alpha males are headbutting  over something and I come back to my own criticisms again in this post:

The substance I still support but my own manner is uncomfortably like those of the hothead males I’ve just been calling out.  Yet these and the Simone Golds, Naomi Wolfs and so on are precisely the sorts of “hotheads” who move things forward, who address real grievances of a ling-suffering public.  It’s the fearless globo slayers who make the progress, not the vile Schwabs and treasonous Pences.

And as readers of N.O. know, I’m a fan of the female of our species, thinking Kari Lake, Kathy Gyngell, Laura Perrins … that sort of gal, esp. mothers protecting their young.

And yet … of thecsame species are the Clinton horror, Murkowski, Harbag for PIE here and all those single pregnants who are quite happy to use full term abortion as a lifestyle fix.  Rachel Chandler mentioned on the paedo issue.  Alisson Mack.

And then there’s this morning’s Canadian monster, not yet posted, via MftWC:
Chrystia Freeland: The dangerous WEF devotee behind Trudeau’s Canadian project
Was she not the cow charged by Soy Boy with taking down the truckers while he was in hiding?  Or was that another “woman”, using the term advisedly for those Cressida Dicks and Joyce Thackers of limited brain, overweening egos and zero moral compass?

Dangerous?  In that she’d certainly do her worst to ordinary people in order to serve her masters … yes she is.  But as we found out in the case of big-noting Rebekah Brooks, lording it over the now dead NotW publication … when that master says lampshade time, where’s your power then?  Eh, Liz Truss?

So where does all this leave us?  I’d say between a rock and a hard place, staring down the barrels of the globo fiends unless the unhetdable cats like Steve Kirsch and the rest of us can suspend our own frustrated impatience ling enough to combine, as allies.  And I do include men plus women, combined, in that too.


  1. My twopenn'orth, fwiw, is we have SP and the died suddenly video which on the surface looks good and someone recently awakened might grab that and run with it to any skeptics in his circle of friends/family who then might accept its content at face value too or any one of those same friends/family might do what those of us here have done/are doing and look at other works presented by SP and come across the video with that Ardis chappie who tried to con us with the "Cv is snake venom in your drinking water" narrative. What happens then to the credence of the "Died Suddenly" video? It is given a sideways look and maybe a "yeah, right" reaction.

    The current situation is designed to screw the mind - a psychological operation. It is a war tactic and we are at war, though some haven't realised that yet. Don't play their games. Be in the world but not of it, as someone wiser than me once advised.

    Over and out. :)

    1. JH: Yep, I’m in thinking and exploring mode on this one right now.