Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Wednesday [2 to 4]

Covfefe required.

4.  Evets 1 (0724)

a.  Clanet Povid (Evidential Edition):

Probably the most comprehensive list of people murdered by Covid-19 Vaccination

b.  Spike protein from Vaccination found in Heart and Brain after Autopsy

c.  The Banality of Pure Evil, or Stupidity? Maybe Both - You Decide

d.  Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Used by HHS were Conducted in China (updated)

e.  Mark Sexton and His Team Get UK Vaccination Centre to Suspend Operations

f.  The End of Doctors’ Freedom to Ignore What the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry Say Should Worry Us All

g.  A List of Post-Vaccination Resources – Help Us to Help You

3.  Before even getting to DAD 2d (0711)

… there’s a current case in Liverpool of a druggy, violent woman stabbing her partner to death but that’s yet to come.

Now, the old chestnut argument which some might make that ‘I come from a broken home and I turned out great, there was much love at home, and ‘lots of my friends too’ does not exactly clinch it in favour of broken homes as a model for society, not in itself.  

Longrider is currently dealing with that argument that one’s own anecdotal experience trumps the worldwide situation as reported constantly from around the western world.  Plus another thing … your upbringing in the 40s, 50s and 60s is a different animal to millennials and post-millennials today.

Plus a penultimate third point which asks whether someone ‘overcoming broken family adversity’, commendable of course, is the same thing as arguing ‘so come on, let’s make broken families our universal societal model, shall we’?  Coz broken families are clearly fine, just as good as any trad family. Rehabs on every street corner.

My final point, for now, is how are you to judge whether you turned out ‘fine’ or not.  There was function plus dysfunction in my family and I daresay you could argue that case too. I’m not sure we’re the final arbiters in our own cases.  To me, it’s a bit like the deathjab.  You can say ‘hey, I took them and I’m still fine’.

Yet.  For now.

The little brat in the shop causing mayhem, whilst single mum beams on … isn’t he adorable … I’m sure pours love into him … yes darling, anything you want, darling, to keep the peace … just what is she breeding, in our eyes?

As Ardern said on that other matter, it’s complex.  Yes it is. A hook-up culture millennial putting it about with this man or that may well say, late 20s, ‘I’m having a ball with my neo-Boomer lifestyle, I’ve had lots of itinerants along the way, all fun …’ but what has it done to your core values?

One thing it’s done is put the family unit right under the hammer, multiplied by the millions also thinking this way … whilst at the same time, invaders with strong family rules are quietly taking over in every western nation.  Are they twerking with kiddies at drag fests?  Think of the macro situation, not the bubble one is in.

2.  DAD


a) A father in New York state is fighting for his child to be allowed to grow up. The child's mother, the medical industry, and the court are pressing for the 11-year-old to be permitted to take drugs that would disrupt puberty, potentially stunting her development and leading to sterility. 

Thankfully he has support...

b) The chart of doom for Democrats .

c) Despite the UK government's proposals to stop it, British citizens are still being arrested over alleged speech offenses. 

d) Florida woman accused of stabbing sister to death for flirting with boyfriend.


  1. Telegram tidbits:

    Eugene Yu, CEO OF Konnech Inc. has been arrested by the LA County District Attorney

    "Literally yesterday, the New York Times ran his cover piece for Eugene Yu and wrote Konnech was storing all it's data on U.S. severs.

    Then literally today, Eugene Yu gets arrested for NOT storing their data on U.S. servers, but having them on servers in China.

    Nice try New York Times."

  2. Steve

    Mark Steyn started his show on GB News last night with Caroline Farrow (Dad c). The whole program was exceptional given the state of the media these days. There was even a woman on who talked about immigration and the destruction of the UK's indigenous population! Kate Hoey was on, straight after someone we normally see on Steve Bannon's War Room:

    GB News - Dr Naomi Wolf joins Mark Steyn to discuss being censored after linking problems with women's health with the Covid vaccine in 2020

    1. CF made the top story on the Mail Online this morning. Lawrence Fox was also quite entertaining on GBN last night while standing in for Farage. The 'attempted' interview with a Dem spokesman was almost surreal with the total crap being spouted by the Dem about Biden's popularity. LF's off the cuff comments and reaction afterwards were classic.