Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Tuesday [1 to 4]

(0427) Was essentially out of it last evening, crashed, the other side of a long restorative now, let us begin.

4.  Over at OoL


3.  Ian J our avenging hurricane, reports

Have just watched tonights GBNEWS.UK I recorded earlier. Mark Steyn on top form, hammering the UK gov't for many things …

2.  PD

"Vladimir Putin may have deployed a huge nuclear submarine carrying its latest doomsday weapon, NATO has warned its members.


External link in the telegram.


Sleep tight y'all!

[Well yes, was that not what PD reported last night?  Belgorod means, literally, beautiful city.]

1.  Evets 1

a.  Clanet Povid (Gibbeted Edition):

When the “Nuremberg Code Trials” begin for the Covid Plandemic & Weaponized ‘Vaccines’, the following website will function as a major evidentiary database for attorneys worldwide


b.  Instant Death Of Cows Who Received mRNA Vaccine!


c.  There Is 'No Contagion' From An Inoculated Person... It Would Be 'Intoxication' (La Quinta Columna)


d.  Pfizer’s “Vaccine” Causes Astonishing Drop in Male Fertility – Men Have Not Been Informed nor Given Their Consent


e.  Why Won’t the Canadian Medical Association Comment on the 32 Deaths of Vaccinated Doctors Since the Rollout Began?


f.  Big Pharma & Russia unveil identical clot-shot scams


g.  Are Vaccines Safe and Effective? Watch This Film to Find Out


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