Monday, October 03, 2022

Monday [17 onwards]

Evening all. (1830)

18.  Sniffing around Montana

17.  Phantom Digger

a.  Telegram tidbits:

"Lindsey Graham Urges Biden to Treat Attacks on Ukraine as Attacks on NATO, Even Though They're Not a Member

"Graham, who has seemingly never met a war he didn’t like, called for the US to do more to defend Ukraine during an interview on Fox News."

"NEW - Blinken on Nord Stream sabotage: "A tremendous opportunity to once and for all remove the dependence on Russian energy... offers tremendous strategic opportunity for the years to come."

"Antarctica & The Antarctic Treaty

My research shows collaboration between countries at Research Bases in Antarctica.

Antarctica’s biggest asset,
besides mining/fishing/biological & pharmaceutical research/fresh water/etc, is the opportunity to place Satellites/Lasers/telescopes on Dome A.

Dome Argus offers the strongest, clearest & most accurate signal/reception in the ENTIRE WORLD.

Dome A is the coveted location for a telescope/satellite/laser bc it has:
• high altitude
• low temperature
• elongated periods of darkness
• a stable atmosphere.

Dome Argus is the highest ice feature of Antarctica…..higher than the South Pole. It’s located right between the Lambert Glacier and the South Pole. The site is one of the driest locations on Earth, has very calm weather & the coldest place in the world.

A priceless asset to our National Security & Space Force.

Placing global satellite stations at Dome Argus as ‘INFRASTRUCTURE’ would benefit the accuracy of ALL global satellite navigation systems."

b.  Kanekoa's latest substack:

"Pfizer mRNA Spike Protein Found in Deceased Man’s Brain and Heart: Peer-Reviewed Report
“We know it goes to the brain, it goes to the heart, it produces the spike protein, which damages those cells, causes inflammation... it travels... causing damage to blood vessels and blood clots."


  1. More Telegram tidbits:
    "Over the weekend a note was leaked out of Italy, where-in NATO intelligence is warning members that Russia's Belgorod has been deployed.
    The K-329 Belgorod is also affectionately called the Doomsday Submarine and was born out of a top secret Russian weapons program, an offshoot of Project 885M, which followed Project Losharik.
    Russia's Belgorod nuclear submarine is capable of using specialized drones called Poseidons that travel up to 6,000 miles underwater to their intended target, and detonate a force of 2+ megatons, equivalent to 130 times the amount of energy of the hiroshima incident.
    This can create a "toxic wave", thousands of feet high, and flood coastal cities with highly irradiated water. Effectively turning them into nuclear wasteland.

    Previous successful tests have been carried out by Russian forces with much smaller payloads, in order to create waves like this, but the Poseidon drone program itself has never been openly tested and US/NATO intelligence is unclear on their full capacity."

    "While it is unlikely to ever go into operation, the deployment of the Belgorod represents a furthernance of Russia's "deterrence by strategic threat of offensive retaliation". Or Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.) philosophy.
    And also, a convenient reason that NATO will want more of your money.*

    It should be noted the Belgorod is also capable of acting as a base for undersea operations and can remain submerged for consecutive weeks at a time. It is not solely a nuclear attack submarine. It is a massive, nearly undetectable, nuclear capable, underwater base that also houses smaller craft, both manned and unmanned."

    "News you wont hear elsewhere:

    Today, Ukraines Credit Default Swap Auction Settlement is finalized, meaning the plundering of the Country will be, on paper, completed.
    This follows a specific cycle of global overlending/ credit arrangements designed to eventually bankrupt the puppet nation.

    You can see the entire fiasco playing out right here:"

  2. Evets 1

    Clanet Povid (Gibbeted Edition):

    When the “Nuremberg Code Trials” begin for the Covid Plandemic & Weaponized ‘Vaccines’, the following website will function as a major evidentiary database for attorneys worldwide

    Instant Death Of Cows Who Received mRNA Vaccine!

    There Is 'No Contagion' From An Inoculated Person... It Would Be 'Intoxication' (La Quinta Columna)

    Pfizer’s “Vaccine” Causes Astonishing Drop in Male Fertility – Men Have Not Been Informed nor Given Their Consent

    Why Won’t the Canadian Medical Association Comment on the 32 Deaths of Vaccinated Doctors Since the Rollout Began?

    Big Pharma & Russia unveil identical clot-shot scams

    Are Vaccines Safe and Effective? Watch This Film to Find Out

  3. "Vladimir Putin may have deployed a huge nuclear submarine carrying its latest doomsday weapon, NATO has warned its members.


    External link in the telegram.

    Sleep tight y'all!

  4. Evets 2

    [The] Ukraine:

    Ukraine's Offensives vs. Russian Mobilization

    Has WWIII Begun? What the US Corporate Media is not Reporting about Russia’s Annexation of Ukraine Regions

    The War Has Just Begun - The Winter of Yuri

    AFU Crosses Into LPR. Nuclear Threat Not A Bluff - Austin. NATO Fears Of Poseidon Nuke

    NATO Rejects Ukraine Membership Bid; UK Tory Government Heading to Oblivion

    Bolsonaro, Lula face-off. Borisov is back. Russia, we can repair NS. UK sows Putin doubt. Update 1

    Putin is a Nationalist in a Globalist World

  5. Evets 3

    Actor, Actors Everywhere #Fakestream Media / Hugo Talks

    Trans-humanism Is Evolution Engineering - DARPA's Bioethicist Dr James Giordana

    “Gone In 30 Minutes” — Next On Europe’s Doomsday List: Collapse Of Cell Phone Networks

    Stupid or Subversive? Governments create energy crisis, impoverish their own people

    The “Perfect Storm Has Arrived”: Famine, War, Chaos, and A Cold Dark Winter

    How Not to Run a Country...

  6. Evets 4

    Supreme Court Rejects Mike Lindell’s Bid to Stop Dominion’s $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit

    GOP Candidate for Senate in Washington State Receives Cease and Desist Letters for Highlighting Democrat Failures and Lawlessness

    GOP Takes Congressional Lead in New Poll as Support for Biden, Democrats on Key Issues Craters

    German MP Petr Bystron Joins TGP’s Jim Hoft Following Massive Rally in Prague Against Globalist Elites – The People Are Rising! (Video)


    J6 Prisoner Beaten and Blinded by Guards Now Being Pressured Not to Speak to Gateway Pundit After Recent Interview – Feds Tell His Wife She Can’t Speak to Him Anymore

    34 US Political Prisoners in DC Gulag Demand Transfer to Guantanamo Bay to Escape Intolerable Conditions in Heart breaking Letter

  7. Evets 5

    Crowd Cheers “Lock her up!” As Michigan Secretary of State Candidate Kristina Karamo Destroys Soros-Funded Jocelyn Benson In Blistering Speech At Trump Rally (Video)

    “Biggest Victory for Patriots in the History of Brazil” Despite Massive Fraud!

    Biden Secretary of State Blinken Says Nord Stream Explosions “A Tremendous Opportunity” for Europe to “Remove Dependence on Russian Energy” (Video)

    Anthony Blinken’s “Tremendous Opportunity” Ain’t Good News For Germany And The United Kingdom

    Study Finds Young Adults Moodier, More Prone to Stress, Less Cooperative, Less Responsible Following Fauci’s Pandemic Rules

    Australian Bureau of Statistics Reports Increase in Excess Deaths in 2022 Which is Above Historical Average

  8. Have just watched tonights GBNEWS.UK I recorded earlier. Mark Steyn on top form, hammering the UK gov't for many things, inc money spent on illegal immigrants, compensation for covid vaccine injuries, trials on feeding bugs to african kids, the inept tories at conference. It is the only news programme I have taken notice of for years and knocks the BBC for six. The denial of responsibilty for vaccine damage is the thing that appalled me most.