Friday, September 23, 2022

Were they eccentric or insane?

In the very best way of course:


  1. Alexander Walker once said that Peter Sellers was mad.

  2. I was at college when the radio editions were very popular. One year we had lectures from 7 - 9pm by a visiting Magistrate on the law. The problem was that the Goon Show was from 08h30 - 9pm. We tentatively suggested to the Lecturer that we would prefer the lecture to be 6h30 - 8h30. To our amazement he agreed as he was, too, a Goon Show fan. At 8h30 three radios were switched on and we all listened. Other classes heard us and the Goon Show was heard over most of the college.

  3. Considering what Secombe, Bentine and Milligan had lived through with lunatic officialdom, horrendous death, long months and years of action they may have been eccentric but in a scenario of madness.
    Sellars had his own problems with a Jewish mum, a Protestant father and attending a Roman Catholic school. Too young for the start of the war but still got involved with the Services travelling entertainment which no doubt had its own madness.
    Thank goodness that they got together and a maverick BBC man got them on air.
    The punchlines are still quoted and the Ying Tong song is a National Treasure.