Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wednesday [12 to 15]

Apres elevenses.

15.  Phantom Digger

The low-down on Vanderbilt mutilation clinic

14.  Ian J

re #9. This woman is delusional if she believes what is reported here. At the same time the economy is going down the tubes because of (inter alia) her support for the corrupt regime.

13.  Tortelloni highamese

Yesterday I showed a professional picture of tortelloni, this one today I'm afraid is just mine.  Was still yum though:

As usual, anything exicting at your end?

12.  Evets 3

a.  Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives

b.  The elite are building Megalopolis, where the plebs will eat insects

c.  WEF Uses Coded Language to Communicate Unthinkable Plans

d.  Meet The Great Reset King – Charles III

e.  Ceremonial Magic / Hugo Talks

f.  They walk amongst us...

Evets 4


  1. My lunch will be beans and toast. Not ON toast, of course, because that just make the toast soggy.

  2. 14. Don't worry Ian, she won't have to spend it. The situation will be resolved before then. Russia will either have taken Eastern Ukraine or Putin will be ousted or we will be in full scale WWIII.

  3. Just seen this, something else to worry about, brain eating amoebas now!
    The mass delusions are multiplying, when do we get the zombies from the warmed up coffins and crypts?

  4. Beans were off, dear. We had avo dip and toast instead. (I recommend Morrison's Wonky Avocados.) Plus apples from the garden. Dinner may involve a major role for tomatoes from the garden.