Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday [12 to 14]

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14.  Ripper

Whilst everyone's mind has been on the Italian election, overnight both Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2 were sabotaged. Gonzalo Lira echoes my thoughts on this.

13.  Yet another perspective


12.  Evets 3

a.  Meloni wins. Italy must prepare to take on Ursula and EU


b.  The New Prime Minister Of Italy - Giorgia Meloni


c.  "Green" Energy Is a Scam. It Isn't Meant To Work


d.  Freemasonry (Satanism) is Deeply Entrenched in Western Society


e.  BT National Security Threat


f.  Primary School Making Insect Pizza / Hugo Talks


Evets 4


  1. 14 - Very clear isn't it, the US did it to remove European options, by removing the advantages, of a peace deal in the shorter term. The fact that it also removes the route to energy and economic recovery using gas in the longer term makes it an act of agression against Europe.

    1. Twisted Root
      There is no other way to view this than an act of war by the gangster state of the USA and its 'neo-con' foreign policy. No use crying about how our big brother isn't playing nice with us any more, but any UK politician who is even ambiguous about their loyalties must be considered a dangerous enemy.

    2. Almost certainly the US behind it, but the Poles are keen to build the 'Baltic pipeline' from Norway to Poland and then on to Europe, so they have reason to do the US's bidding, and they seem to be NATO serfs already

  2. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    Ben Harnwell: “Giorgia Meloni won the Italian election — but it is also true to say the left lost it”


    John Solomon: FBI Agent Suspended For Protecting Americans' Constitutional Rights


    Greg Stenstrom On Over 300,000 Fraudulent Ballots Proving Election Stolen In Delaware County In 2020


    Ryan Williams On Indoctrination And Grooming Of Service Member’s Children While On Base


  3. 14. Tidbits from Telegram

    "Sabotage cannot be ruled out. Damage to Nord Stream pipelines is unprecedented — Kremlin"


    UPDATE - The surface area of the largest Nord Stream gas leak shows a "disturbance" of well over 1 kilometer in diameter, according to the Danish armed forces.


    Brandon mouthing off


  4. RE 14 cont'd
    DiscloseTv again

    "Danish Energy Agency puts the energy sector on orange alert, the second highest level, amid the multiple Nord Stream gas leaks.

    The authorities in Denmark can't rule out a deliberate act. Breaks in gas pipelines happen extremely rarely, says the director of the Danish Energy Agency.

    Nordstream 1 with 2 leaks between the Danish island of Bornholm and Karlskrona in Sweden 7 km apart. One leak on Nordstream 2 southeast of Bornholm.

    Nord Stream says the damage to its key pipelines to Germany are "unprecedented" in the clearest signal yet that natural gas flows won't resume this winter."


  5. More on 14

    "Two underwater blasts were recorded prior to the discovery of three leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines linking Russia and Europe, a Swedish seismological institute said Tuesday as the unexplained leaks raised suspicions of sabotage.

    The Swedish National Seismic Network recorded two “massive releases of energy” shortly prior to, and near the location of, the gas leaks off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm, Peter Schmidt, an Uppsala University seismologist, told AFP.

    “The first happened at 2:03 am (0003 GMT) just southeast of Bornholm with a magnitude of 1.9. Then we also saw one at 7:04 pm on Monday night, another event a little further north and that seems to have been a bit bigger. Our calculations show a magnitude of 2.3,” Schmidt said."


    This is happening too

    "Elections officials in Moscow said Tuesday that eligible voters in Russia had overwhelmingly cast their ballots in favour of the Kremlin annexing four Moscow-controlled regions of Ukraine.

    At least 96 percent of voters in Russia cast their ballots in favour of annexation after at least 15 percent of ballots were counted, news agencies carrying data from election officials said."


  6. Just an aside - we've an awful lot of activity overhead. Military jets heading NE by the sound of it. Too cloudy to see. Could just be a drill.

  7. I have not seen/heard any military 'planes overhead from Cognac; but they would go east (probably) not north.

  8. Gonzalo is so intent on joining the dots that he puts in dots of his own.